Useful Cyber Security Awareness Tips for the Safety of Businesses

We live in an online world. No wonder the internet-based community is increasing as fast as the rest of global economy. But at the same time, the online world is significantly prone to cyber threats that lead to frequent attacks especially on SMBs as they lack in resources to protect themselves.

Useful Tips To Stop Ransomware: A Backup Plan Can Help You Out

You must have heard about Bad Rabbit, Locky, Petya and Crytptolocker ransomware because of the countless damage caused by them everywhere. And, if you haven’t heard of the emerging risk of ransomware, then here’s a quick review- What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a malicious malware which blocks the victim’s access […]

How to Choose Antivirus Software for PC

Choosing the right antivirus software is a complex task as you need to judge several factors like the features, brand image and also your exact needs. You may be confused and lost among brands, which lure you with different types of advertising messages.  In this scenario, it is essential to […]

Malware Check : How to Know If Your PC has Got A Virus?

“Viruses don’t just happen; people write them deliberately.” ― Peter H. Gregory The world is becoming more and more dependent on the online environment. With this, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of our computer systems as every now and then, thousands of bugs throng the Web. Thus, sharing few common malware […]

Know your Vulnerabilities

The online hacking industry has gone creative and nasty in its ways to make attacks and take advantage of vulnerabilities. With this, the rising rate of cybercrime is a growing concern for many in the market. SMBs, also known as Small to Medium Businesses, are one category who need to think and implement about having strong cyber security tactics in order to prevent data loss.