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how to recover lost data

You have finally completed your project after a month hard work and suddenly your PC shuts down.  However, you are not concerned enough as you have pressed Ctl+S just a few minutes ago so you assume that you will recover 99 % of your project. But upon trying to restart, the machine fails to start. What will be your reaction? Indeed, you will be tensed and try ways & means to start the PC.  If you don’t know how to recover lost data, you may even approach a repair shop to fix the issue and to your nightmare, you hear that the hard disk has crashed and nothing can be done to recover your files.

This is a situation in which every PC owner can fall and no one knows when. Most of us always ignore the fact that we have to keep a backup of our files & folders to recover in case of a disaster.

Consequences of a Hard Disk Crash

A hard disk crash can cause immense loss to your personal & professional life if you are unable or dont know how to recover lost data. Some possible consequences of data loss are summarized in the points below:

Loss of Official Data

It is quite common for employees to store project information, documents, data sheets, presentations etc.  on their PC.  In a situation of a hard disk crash, one needs to start everything from the scratch. You can easily understand the consequences of such a mishap. Especially if you have an annual general meeting or a product presentation before your clients.

Loss of Clients Data

If you are into client servicing then you will surely know the importance of clients’ data.  Loss of customer data due to a hard disk crash can be extremely disastrous for you. This not only puts your job at a stake but can also tarnish your company’s reputation. Your client may even go to the extent of filing a legal suite on you.

Personal Data Loss

Most of our PCs are store hub of personal information such as family photos, videos, chosen mp3 and many more. With the increasing digitization, storing physical photos or music in CDs have become an old practice. So if some disaster happens to your PC, you can easily assume the amount of loss you have to bear. The entire precious moments that you have captured with your family members in the form of videos & photos will be lost.

Other Causes of Data Loss

Here, we have only illustrated the hard disk crash issue but you can lose your data due to many other reasons such as OS crash, ransomware attack or device loss. Ransomware attacks have grown in the past with case like Petya & WannaCry Ransomware strikes that have paralyzed organizations locking their valuable data with a demand for ransom to be paid in bitcoins.

If you suddenly become one of those unfortunates, who are attacked by a ransomware virus then it will be a real disaster for you as there is no way to recover the data without paying the ransom amount. And even if the ransom is paid there is no guarantee that you will recover your data. There are instances where the user did not receive the files back even after paying the ransom amount. So security experts’ advice users never to pay ransom amount if the files are encrypted by a ransomware virus.

Importance of Disaster Plan

Now that you are aware of the consequences of a hard disk crash, you know how important it is to backup your data. Not only individuals even organizations are not prepared to handle data loss and do not have well-documented plan to recover lost data. Disaster planning is important not only at an individual level but also organizations should pay adequate attention.

Data backup can prevent you from becoming a victim of data loss. Even if any unforeseen circumstance takes place, you can easily recover your data. You can take periodic backups in an external hard disk or on the cloud. Some antivirus software also offers data backup feature.

How to Recover Lost Data?

After a data loss, the first question that will come to your mind is how to recover lost data. This is tricky question and answer is subject to the seriousness of the issue. In the event of a data loss, you can try to consult your local computer repair shop and find if he can recover your data with the use of any software. However, there is no guarantee that your data will be recovered and if there is any possibility of recovering, the service provider may charge you a hefty amount.

REVE Antivirus data backup is the best way users can keep their data safe. The antivirus software comes with data backup feature, which allows you to save your data with a single click. You can restore this saved data any time.  The data can be saved on your PC & in an external hard disk. By using the external backup option, you can store files safely on an external hard disk, which you can restore in case of a hard disk crash or loss of a device.

Local backup is another feature that facilitates users to save important data in the PC itself. This feature is useful in situations like files getting corrupt or deleted by mistake. Just after you installation, backup of all most used locations like Desktop, Downloads, and Documents are created. The good part about this feature is that the entire process is automatic and supports all file formats like jpg, pdf, xls, rtf, ppt, zip, csv etc.


So the moral of the story is prevention is better than cure. You should try to prevent becoming a victim of data loss by taking the mentioned necessary measures.

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