REVE Android Security

Turbo scan feature to remove malicious files from SD Card or phone.
Real-time scanning of the apps on installation.
Antivirus software for Android  protects from viruses, malware and spyware.
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Anti-Theft to keep your mobile safe
Protects the data of your mobile in case of theft.
Helps you lock the device and wipe out all data in case of mobile being stolen.
Dashboard access to manage & secure the data of your phone.
Location tracking feature to track exact location of your lost mobile.
Alarm feature to trace your misplaced device easily.

App Lock to protect your privacy

Protects your privacy by helping you lock installed apps using a password.

Saves the photo of intruder who tries to unlock your locked app by entering wrong password thrice.

Privacy Advisor

Privacy advisor to let you know what data your apps are accessing in the background.

Displays complete list of installed apps along with their permission level.

Detailed Reporting on your Android Antivirus app

Complete status report of your PC.

Detailed reports of total scanned files on the android antivirus app.

Information about infected files & the quarantined ones.

Live alerts wherever you are on the app

Live alerts on the mobile app if any threat is detected on your PC.
Instant alert when anyone browse any restricted website/ or sites marked under surveillance in your PC.
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