Oct, 2018

advanced endpoint security solutionsProtect Customer Data

Whether you are a B2C operation or B2B, sensitive information is exchanged between you and your customers. Contact and payment information are crucial data that you never want to be compromised. And if it does, the consequences can be as bad as losing clients as well as damaged brand reputation.  

Avoid Regulatory Penalties

Companies who become victims of cyber attacks have to comply with cyber security regulations which includes various audits and incident response plans. Also, it comes with penalties that are according to the type of industry and the impact of cyber attack.

Avoid Financial Losses

Many organisations fail to realize that despite their industry type, size, and nature,  they would need cyber security. When your data gets compromised, it disrupts various departments in your business including customer operations, which can lead to huge financial losses.

It is important to understand that there are several ways through which cyber attackers make their way into an organisation. Below mentioned are different means through which cyber breaches happen:

  • Malware attacks happen a malicious program like virus, trojan, rootkit enters a computer system. Depending upon the type of malicious program, there are several ways in which it harms the data on the computer such as encrypting files to demand ransom. Read this post to know more about malware. 
  • Phishing attacks happen by sending fake emails to target that trick them to click on infected links or share their crucial information such as bank credentials by replying to the email. To know more about phishing scams, read this post
  • Denial of Service attacks happen when a server is flooded with bogus traffic in order to disrupt the legitimate requests.
  • Man in the middle attacks happen when the hacker reads or change the information that is being exchanged between the client and server.
  • Internal cyber attacks happen when an employee with a malicious intention steals company data and sells it to outside sources.

Hiring a team that would look after all the aspects related to cyber attacks and implementing reliable cyber security solutions can save you a lot. Advanced endpoint security solutions are built and designed to prevent different types of cyber attacks. Even if your company is lucky enough not to be cyber breached yet, but that doesn’t mean you should take things easily. Cyber thieves are always hunting new and vulnerable victims, you never know when you will be the next one to be targeted.

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