Jun, 2019

Social Media

Do you like to use your personal social media accounts at your workplace? Well, social networking is all about making friends, having fun and playing games, but it can put you and your company at high risks even if a little carelessness is there.

Take a look at some of the social media risks for companies and employees to take a way out-

Risks For Companies

Data Theft

Sharing sensitive credentials like passwords, usernames, etc. with anyone over social media can put your company’s data at high risks.

Preventive Measure: Get the best antivirus and anti-malware installed on your device and keep it updated regularly.

Over Sharing Or Posting Inappropriate Content

Posting relevant content which is up to date can increase the productivity of an enterprise. But over posting any content can also lead to its decline.

Preventive Measure: Create policies for employees that includes what all is to be shared and what not.

Productivity Of Employees

In the digital world, people are savvier towards electronic gadgets be it in office or at home. Constant using of personal electronic gadgets at the workplace can downtime the productivity of an employee.

Preventive Measure: Implement and enforce the policies that ensure all the online activities are tracked by management.

Risks For Employees

Sharing Sensitive Credentials

It is advisable not to share your company’s credentials with anyone. Sharing sensitive information such as account details, passwords and more can harm your enterprise in several ways.

Preventive Measure: Awareness should be created among employees about the dangerous consequences of sharing confidential data with.

Excessive Use Of Social Media

Using social media has brought new challenges into the lives of people in many ways. But using personal social media at work excessively can affect the productivity of any enterprise.

Preventive Measure: Management should look for limiting access to certain sites and create content filtering.

Sharing Information That Can Damage Company’s Brand Name

Always think twice before sharing any corporate information over Internet. You never know sharing anything can bring a lot of surprises in a bad way.

Preventive Measure: Make sure to share only the information that is not harmful to your enterprise.

Anyone can be a target. To beat such attacks make a point to make use of best antivirus software on your device. Having a security software on your device is one of the best options to keep cyber crooks away.

What do you think? Share your workplace experiences in the comments section below. Stay Safe!

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