Ransomware Attacks – How Attackers Take over Victims’ Money?

While initially known in Russia, nowadays the term ransomware has grown widely all over the world. From millions to billions, hackers have taken huge amounts of ransom money from users who try to retrieve their data after being attacked by this malware.

Zero Day Attacks – How Software Vulnerabilities are Exploited?

When it comes to hacking, attackers leave no chance to make their malicious attempts successful, no matter how much they have to try. Vulnerabilities in software programs is a popular tactic amongst hackers to malicious attempts. Zero-day attack, which is also an undisclosed computer software vulnerability is used by attackers to harm computer programs, data, networks, etc.

Know your Vulnerabilities

The online hacking industry has gone creative and nasty in its ways to make attacks and take advantage of vulnerabilities. With this, the rising rate of cybercrime is a growing concern for many in the market. SMBs, also known as Small to Medium Businesses, are one category who need to think and implement about having strong cyber security tactics in order to prevent data loss.