Mar, 2017

How to Recover From a Cyber Attack

Cyber-attack is not limited to individual internet users but nowadays even companies need to bear the brunt of security intrusions. Results of these attacks can be fatal ranging from data loss of their customers to financial damage. In the event of a security breach, you should know how to recover from a cyber attack.

Identify and Contain the Problem

Most companies fail to detect the security breach at the earliest level after they have occurred. As a company owner, as soon as you get the information, it’s important for you to take immediate step to fix the problem.  You should hire a cyber security expert or arrange training for your cyber security team.

What to do to recover from a Cyberattack

Steps to be Taken by Experts

  • Change all login details of accounts that are affected, which includes changing passwords, security answers etc. As a password protection measure, use a combination of alpha-numeric characters including letters and symbols for your passwords. It is also better to go for two-factor authentication to provide a secondary layer of authentication.
  • All affected programs needs to be immediately uninstalled and then reinstalled, so that the infection cannot spread.
  • Another crucial measure is to disconnect all affected hosts, so that hackers can no longer target the host.

Preventing Future Data Breaches

In the event of a data breach, it is necessary that you have cyber experts or professionals with sufficient knowledge about cyber security working with you.

Strengthen your Legal Defense System

The business manager or entrepreneur should hire an expert legal team, which can frame the right strategy and provide guidance in case of a data breach. Being an entrepreneur, you may need to be answerable to your customers and also the government departments. Hence, your legal team should have sufficient knowledge to help you during the process of reporting the breach.

Train your Employees

As per reports, 66% of data breaches occur due to the mistakes of employees, so entrepreneurs should ensure that their employees are well aware regarding the best practices of cyber security.

Use an Advanced Security Solution

Go for an advanced Security Solution that provides you security from several types of cyber threats. Antivirus acts as the first line of defense against any kind of security intrusions. You can choose a best end-point security solution for your firm.

Taking prompt action in case of a cyber-attack helps in minimizing the losses and also improve your image in front of your customers, who will appreciate you for your quick action.

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Abhijeet Guha
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