Feb, 2017

password protection

As per research by Gartner, mainly 95% of web attacks make use of stolen passwords. While Passwords are used for protection, many of the online users lose their sensitive information just because they don’t pay much attention to the passwords they use. Relying on default passwords generated by systems is one of the common examples of weak password usage. Also, using dictionary words and common keyboard sequences are other practices that give hackers an edge.

To helps users protect their data against growing threats, here are few out of many password protection tips to keep in mind. Take a look-

Never re-use a password

Reusing the same password on multiple accounts is a substantial security risk. An attacker needs only to break one password and can access all your accounts using it. Therefore, look for a new password rather than a re-used one to make your account safe and secure.

Never choose a password based upon your personal information

Choosing a password based upon your personal information can be harmful to your device. As setting a password based upon name, address, spouse name, birth details, etc. can be cracked easily by cyber crooks.

Never share your sensitive credentials with anyone

Sharing your sensitive credentials with your loved ones can put you at risk. Be cautious while sharing your sensitive data with anyone. Also, never give your secured details to anyone over phone or email.

Never create a password that is less than 8-word count

The longer, the better it is. Make your password 8 characters long containing a combination of alphabets, numerals, and symbols.

Change your Passwords time-to-time

You should change passwords for your accounts at least once a month as this makes it tough for the attackers to guess your credentials.

Apart from these password protection tips, choose the Best Antivirus for PC to break the common attack chain.  A strong password is always a defense against intruders, on and off the line.

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