Sep, 2018

internet safety tips for children

Nowadays, kids use the web for each and everything. And, why wouldn’t they?

Isn’t it?

Well, a study done by Cybersecurity shows that children who sleep 8 hours a day spend roughly half of their waking time on the Internet.

Yes, you read that right!

To proceed further, here in this article, we will be discussing a few cybersecurity habits to teach the kids as they start using the internet more freely and wisely.

Run the best internet security software for digital gadgets

The internet is not a secure place. That’s the main reason why everyone advises to run the best security software on all your digital assets in order to be sure that all the dangers are kept at bay.

As per a recent survey, it has been found that majority of primary aged children access the internet at home. Increasing numbers are using this technology at school and at friends’ place, away from direct parental supervision.
They have all sorts of devices, not just computers, and laptops but have handled mobile devices such as iPads and iPods and game consoles too.

Quick Tip– Just as you teach your kids to lock the door when alone at home, they have to be taught how to install an antivirus software on their digital devices.

Know what you are clicking on

The first rule of thumb is to think twice, thrice, and more before clicking anything over the web. It’s better to teach your kids not to click on every link that comes via email or social media page.

Remember, an infected url can lead to an incident of stolen identity, phishing, etc. So, beware!!

Best advice- Look for ‘https’ and a ‘padlock’ in the website’s address for a safe web browsing experience.

Always keep social media in check

These days, social media is all about fun. But at the same time, it’s a source of concern too. Therefore, teach your kids not to accept friend requests or followers if they don’t know personally at all.

Also, keep an eye on your kid’s online activities on a regular basis to keep them safe and secure from the emerging e-threats.

Never leave your device unattended

Every individual leaves their electronic gadgets, be it smartphones or laptops, completely unattended every single day. Teach your kids to have a password protected or physically locked up the device.

Quick tip– Set an auto-lock feature on all your electronic devices to stay away from malicious e-threats and other bugs.

Sharing isn’t caring when it comes to passwords

Teach your kids that passwords are private and are not meant for sharing. Tell them to set a strong and a unique password which can’t be guessed or cracked by anyone.

Also, start imprinting the habit of changing the passwords on a regular basis to keep the cyber-crooks at bay.

Stay Safe on Public networks

One of the biggest advice is to keep a good internet hygiene. Teach your kids that no public Wi-Fi is secured because you are not aware of who set it up or who else is connecting to it.

What Cyber Experts Recommend to Kids?

  • Never click on anything you aren’t 100% sure about its safety.
  • There are real people behind online are known as ‘Avatars’.
  • Don’t say anything to someone online which you can’t say face-to-face.
  • When uncomfortable online, report abuse as soon as possible.
  • Remind them that online actions have consequences.

Now, it’s your turn!

We would like to hear your take. Which habit from this post you are going to teach your kid first?

Any questions or insights you want to share with us?

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