What can be the major security threats in 2020?

The year 2019 saw many types of cyber-attacks starting from Ransomware Attack, Supply Chain Attacks to American Medical Collection Agency Breach. These attacks have proved that hackers are becoming smarter day-by-day, which makes cyber security a serious issue for both individuals and organizations.

In 2020, we predict, several types of similar attacks apart from many new techniques of intrusion. Here, we have mentioned about 5 types of security threats which is expected to show up in the year 2020.

Tricks to improve online privacy

The biggest challenge of living a normal life is keeping our personal information confidential from outside sources who are lingering to get hold of them.

Top 5 Pain Points faced by IT Admins

Whether it is about troubleshooting a network issue on your PC or optimizing its speed, IT admins have to deal with a lot of challenges in a day.

8 Easy Steps to ensure Customer Data Security

Protection of customer data is becoming an area of focus due to increase in data breaches that led to leakage of sensitive information. Not only a data breach results into financial losses, but company might have to face lawsuits and a severely tarnished reputation.

Know your Vulnerabilities

The online hacking industry has gone creative and nasty in its ways to make attacks and take advantage of vulnerabilities. With this, the rising rate of cybercrime is a growing concern for many in the market. SMBs, also known as Small to Medium Businesses, are one category who need to think and implement about having strong cyber security tactics in order to prevent data loss.