Nov, 2018

Top 5 Pain Points faced by IT Admins

IT Admins

Even superheros cry! Yes, we do see them as a strong figure but they too have some pain points. And, so is the story of the IT Admins. They work in every industry, and believe it or not their jobs are quite tough and demanding. Whether it is about troubleshooting a network issue on your PC or optimizing its speed, IT Admins have to deal with a lot of challenges in a day. Corporate networks consist of PCs ranging from a few to 500 and more, which makes the work a little more harder. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top pain points faced by IT Admins.

Shortage of time

From managing the company’s computer and operating systems, performing day-to-day maintenance of the operating system, and installing software updates, IT Admins have ample things up their sleeves. Working for the entire network makes the work more difficult to be managed in restricted working hours.  

Doing work without impacting the users

Whether it is about taking back up and recovery, adding and deleting user accounts, or installing, configuring, and maintaining the network, it can be lot difficult to do work when employees are using computer systems and don’t want to be disturbed. This creates the need for IT Admins to work on odd hours when the systems are not in use.

Working with dispersed workforce

Today the workforce is dispersed and mobile. Suppose a company consists of employees from 3 different countries. It becomes hard to be at different places all at once. How would one ensure management of all the systems when this is the situation.

Unpredictable user behavior

It has been seen that user behavior towards computer screens is highly unpredictable. No matter how much cyber aware a user is, there are always chances of them clicking to a random URL that leads to a phishing attack. For IT Admins it is one of the biggest headaches as they cant keep a tab on user behavior all the time.  

How Endpoint Protection can resolve these issues?

Endpoint protection is primarily developed for corporate networks where the PC count ranges from 50 to 500 and more. Once installed on a system, EPS helps a central admin to monitor and control activities on the system.


IT Admins can install EPS on a computer system remotely and can also perform updates and scanning.  So the need of a centralized system gets fulfilled and things can be easily managed.

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