Aug, 2021
cyber security in Edtech

Cyber attacks in educational institutes have seen an uprise recently. It’s essential now that we turn our focus into cyber security in Edtech. Know more here


Jul, 2021

Ransomware: How does it work?

Ransomware red screen

What is Ransomware? How it can wreak havoc across organizations as well as personal computers? These steps should be instantly taken to mitigate ransomware attack loss


Jun, 2020
5 Key Cybersecurity Concerns during Covid-19 Pandemic

The sudden attack of Covid-19 has made the whole world come to a standstill. It is impossible to keep the activities of various offices and other organizations postponed for a long time, though everyone stays at home to protect themselves from the epidemic; so corporate organizations have started their services online through remote working. However, the increase of remote work has enhanced the unseen threat in the digital space. Threat actors are trying to deploy cyber-attack using the personal and public Wi-Fi network of the potential victims. So online safety & cybersecurity is now the most important issue for remote workers. Corporations have raised many concerns about the security of official and personal information, confidential information sharing due to remote working.


Apr, 2020

The year 2019 saw many types of cyber-attacks starting from Ransomware Attack, Supply Chain Attacks to American Medical Collection Agency Breach. These attacks have proved that hackers are becoming smarter day-by-day, which makes cyber security a serious issue for both individuals and organizations.

In 2020, we predict, several types of similar attacks apart from many new techniques of intrusion. Here, we have mentioned about 5 types of security threats which is expected to show up in the year 2020.


Mar, 2020

Tricks to improve online privacy

Online Privacy 2

The biggest challenge of living a normal life is keeping our personal information confidential from outside sources who are lingering to get hold of them.


Dec, 2019
Social Media Friend Request

Nowadays social media is used by millions of people to connect with each other, some use it for professional communications, while some just want to connect and make new acquaintances.


Aug, 2019
Wi-Fi Stops Working

Internet and Wi-Fi have developed significantly over the last several years. With improved Data speed and upgraded wireless connections, the Internet has become the easiest way to get all kinds of information. According to a survey conducted in April 2019, 56.1% of the world’s population has internet access.


Aug, 2019

Before we delve into the real issue, let us first under what is Snap chat and why people love it. Snapchat is like any other messaging app that can be downloaded free in your phone and used to share photos, videos and other items, just like Whats App or Messenger. But it is more in demand than the others, mostly among the young people, because of its unique features different from other applications. One of them is, the messages that disappears after a few seconds.


Aug, 2019
hacked laptop camera

A laptop is a portable computer that is small-sized and thin to be carried around for personal work. Its features can be used for different purposes, one of them being the laptop camera that is used for taking photos, video calls in Facebook or Whats App if you are into a long-distance relationship or stay far from home, also with the Skype video calling services you can appear for an interview from another city.


Jul, 2019

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a cyber-attack which begins by exploiting one computer system and gradually gains control over other vulnerable computers to attack a server, website or other networks. The hacker attains these computers under command and target systems with malware which causes them to slow down, crash the structure or even shut down along with dismissing services to authorized users.