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Many of us often get baffled with two similar terms naming Antivirus and Internet security. Yes, they provide services that are comparable and fall under the same niche. However, there are some obvious differences among them. One is a standalone product defending your PC’s basic cybersecurity mostly with regular signature updates whereas the other ensures you a safe and smooth web browsing experience. 

In this article we will try to understand both products, compare antivirus vs internet security, and try to answer the question of which one is better for you, antivirus or internet security? Let’s get started!

Notable Features of Antivirus

Antivirus features

Less Expensive, Standalone software to fight against the cyber threats your PC faces. 

Antivirus is a standalone software. It protects the PC from malicious threats coming from the outside. That threat could come from the internet or any other media like a USB drive or a CD / DVD. 

How Antivirus works

Antivirus softwares mainly works by comparing signatures. That means, every harmful malware or virus in the world is found out and tagged by the antivirus service provider. When any new files are entering the PC antivirus software looks into its signature and compares if the new file is harmful before letting it enter. These signatures are updated in a regular interval so ensure maximum protection. 

A few features that an antivirus software provides are

  • Detects and removes harmful malwares, viruses, ransomwares etc. 
  • Scans all types of external storage devices to provide protection from any malwares.
  • Provides basic real time protection for the system. 
  • Least expensive among all the cybersecurity products.

Top Features of Internet security

Internet security Features

All of Antivirus and some more

In simple words, internet security includes every feature an antivirus software has and then some advanced features of its own. It not only protects your pc but also enhances your overall browsing experience. Basically it’s a collection of multiple cybersecurity features such as

  • Firewall
    Firewall works on monitoring and filtering incoming and outgoing network traffic based on security policies set up previously. It is an essential cybersecurity feature working as a gatekeeper who either allows or denies the attempts by softwares or programs trying to gain access to your PC. In general, Internet Security comes equipped with a firewall which can provide several levels of protection.
  • Anti-spam and Email security
    Anti-spam and email security is another feature that comes built-in with internet security. The feature detects and blocks potentially dangerous emails from reaching the user’s inbox. This screening often proves vital against a lot of potential attacks.  
    • Anti-phishing and Web security
      Even in this era, phishing happens to be the most used method by the hackers to do harm to the users. An internet security software mostly comes with built-in anti-phishing technology which continuously scans and monitors online activities. In the process, it blocks every malicious website and warns users against visiting it. Same goes for the malicious links. So, anti-phishing and web security keeps PCs away from many cyber threats.
  • Parental Control
    A lot of Internet Security software today provides the parental control feature as an extra option. And this feature is being used more and more as the younger generation is more exposed to the internet. Utilizing this feature means black or whitelist websites and create a controlled and secure cyberspace for your child.

Antivirus or Internet Security? Which one is for you?

So, now comes the important question, which one should you get, antivirus or internet security? Well, that completely depends on the type of the user. If you plan to use the PC only for personal usage and not too worried about advanced features, then the basic protection of an antivirus software might suffice. However, it’s highly unlikely that a computer in the current world would never be connected to the internet. Hence the probability of an attack sourcing from the internet does remain. So, it’s always safe to go for the extra bit of security by choosing a modern and powerful Internet security solution.  

Now as you know about both antivirus and internet security, is there anything which is even superior than internet security? As a matter of fact, yes there is! It is called Total Security and as the name indicates, it is the complete security you can have for your PC for personal use. To know more about it, you can visit the renowned cybersecurity provider REVE Antivirus’s website

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