Aug, 2022

If your small business doesn’t use a cybersecurity software and hasn’t been the victim of a cyber attack, you might consider yourself lucky but just for now. Because the  way cyber attacks are rising every single day, it’s not a question of how but just a question of when. Cyber attacks can be catastrophic to your business, not only leaving you with a bad reputation but also a decreased revenue. As such, it’s important to remain vigilant and follow precautionary steps to safeguard your business against any potential cyber attacks.

In this article, we have put together 4 most effective ways that can help you protect your small organization from a cyber attack.

  1. Implement Endpoint Security Solution

An endpoint is a device connected to any network. At first glance it might seem quite expensive to install an endpoint solution software, the way it reduces the chances of any potential cyber attack is definitely worth the investment. While an organization should not rely solely on security software, an endpoint security is the first line of defense for all systems against viruses, malware, ransomware, adware,  spyware and other security threats. By installing Endpoint Security Software on all the company machines, you are adding an additional layer of protection in the event you or your employees click on suspicious links or attachments. Security software also blocks viruses, malware entering networks or servers via common endpoints. Attacks can take place at any time and from any side, so make sure you have an endpoint security software implemented in your organization.

  1. Encourage a Solid Password Policy

One of the simplest actions, small all businesses should take immediately, is executing solid password policy. Gone are the days when weak passwords like 12345 or abcd were acceptable for both businesses and individual users. Today, businesses of all sizes have far more at stake than home users, and that’s why they need a high level of protection. Avoid using the same password over and over, and adjust password setting so the employees must use a combination of letters, numbers, special symbols and characters. Stronger and longer passwords are difficult for cyber attackers to hack. Another password issue with businesses are admin passwords. Well, these login details and information should not be shared with employees unless there’s an urgent need to access something.

  1. Backup Sensitive Data On Multiple Locations

You can protect your small business from cyber-attacks if you regularly back-up important data and information. Even though everything is on the right track, there is a possibility of becoming a victim of cyber-attacks. Backing up your data on a regular basis helps to retain it in the event of data loss. It’s a key way to safeguard your business from data breaches. Always copy and store all important files and sensitive data in multiple safe locations, independent from your systems. Also, make sure to test your backup systems regularly. Data backup is one of the best options to protect your business data against data loss. Appointing a cyber security expert can help determine how frequently you need to run regular data backups.

  1. Train Your Employees

Last but not the least, educating the employees and raising awareness about best practices in cyber security is an important step all businesses should turn to. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your business from cyber-attacks. Believe it or not, the employees are the most common cause of security and data breaches as they hardly recognize external threats and one wrong move can leave an organization vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Therefore, it is crucially important for everyone in a company to be savvy and be aware about cyber security issues.

If you are a small business owner, don’t wait! It’s time to practice the above-stated ways regularly to prevent potential cyber-attack occurring in your small business organization.

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Shahriar Rahman
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