Jun, 2017

How to Make your Employees Follow Cyber Security Guidelines

Data breaches are mostly occurred due to human errors but this fact has been overlooked by organisations while making their cyber security assessment. Although removing human errors completely is not possible but it can be reduced to a great extent by implementing an effective cyber security policy for your employees. You employees must be very clear about the dos and don’ts of cyber security.

Inform your workforce about the importance of internet security

Let your employees know what can be the outcome of a data breach. If the data of an employee is hacked, that could affect his/her performance and also affect the company. Data breaches can hamper the efficiency of the company to a great extent.

Educate your staff about the password management process

Passwords provide the primary protection to any account but this part is lacked often. Provide password guidelines for your employees, which includes using alpha numeric password, not storing passwords in the PC, not sharing password via emails and updating passwords from time-to-time.

Make them aware about the types of phishing emails

Show examples of phishing emails to your employees, so that they get familiar and abstain from clicking on phishing links. Your employees should be encouraged to verify the identity of the email sender before clicking on the link.  It can be done by manually typing the company website instead of clicking on links.

Locking of devices when not in desk

Locking up the PC when not in desk is important as anyone can take the advantage of your absence and access valuable data. Hence, your team must be aware about the importance of keeping your PC locked by pressing Clt +Alt + Del.

Advice your Team to scan all external drives

External hard drives are the biggest carriers of malware; hence ensure that your team members scans all drives such as pen drive, hard disk & cds using a reliable anti-malware software before using the same.

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