Feb, 2017

data backup

Online Theft, Hacking and various other malicious acts have been seen to knock down strongest of the security systems. As per Gartner, only 6% of the companies survive for two years after losing data. With computer systems and information being so vulnerable to online threats, it is now a necessity to keep a backup of your data using effective mediums. There are ample options for you to backup data and be safe in case the original one is lost. Here are a few useful tips:

External Hard Drive

Other than the ones inside your computer system, external hard drives are an extremely useful option for data storage. Generally, these have large capacities and can be used to store heavy amounts of data.

USB Storage Device


A USB device is a convenient and cost-effective way to store data. An added benefit is that a USB is portable and can be easily carried anywhere.  To get a suitable USB, you need to check your data storage requirements in terms of memory size. Also, make sure you scan it using a good USB scanner.

Google Drive Backup Service

Apart from the offline backup options, the online options are significantly trending. Google Drive lets you backup data by making copies of your files and folders and transferring the same to your Google Drive folder. It allows free data storage of up to 15GB and is paid beyond that.

CD or DVD Storage


Though, quite a less popular technique for data backup, but burning data to CD or DVD is a safe and cost-effective way for small amounts of data.

NAS Device Backup

A Network Attached Storage Device is a file-level computer data storage server. This device is generally used for high data storage requirements. Moreover, the cost of this device is quite pocket-friendly which makes it a great source for individuals and small enterprises. 

The cost of data loss can prove to be very expensive for both individuals and enterprises. You can also read our blog post on International Data Privacy Day: Tips to Keep Your Personal Information Safe

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