Jan, 2017

data privacy day

With a purpose to enhance awareness, privacy, and protection, January 28 is celebrated as Data Privacy Day. To spread the word, we are here with our top tips to ensure your online security. Learn these tips!

  • Encrypt your Data

Though the word encryption sounds technical, but modern day tools have made it an easy affair for those with little or no technical skills. You can use such software to protect data present on your computer and mobile. For those using Apple Operating systems can use FileVault and for Microsoft Windows users, there is a built-in program for encryption.

  • Take Backup

Often people ignore taking backups of their files and folders. However, in situations where a computer crash or malware attack happens, it becomes difficult to recover data. Therefore, it would be wise enough to take offline and online backups of your data so that you can recover it easily. You can use online storage programs and your physical hard drive to accomplish this.

  • Anti-virus Protection is must

Do not think that if you are not connected to the internet means that your data is safe. An infected USB or Hard drive can cause harm too. So make sure you have a reliable antivirus protection software installed on your device.

  • Install Software Updates

It is crucial that OS and other software on your device should be up-to-date with latest security patches. So turn on your updates on regular basis to reduce chances of data privacy breaches.

  • Never Save Passwords on Devices

Often, we unknowingly save passwords on devices but you never know when a hacker will use it to steal your confidential information. So never do that!

  • Check App Privacy Settings

It is important to keep an eye on what information you share with the apps and programs installed on your device. It is better to make data sharing as least as possible. Hackers can make use of your contacts, your social media updates, your images and what not to make malicious attempts.

  • Disable Bluetooth

The conveniences of technology are tremendous but it also makes space for vulnerabilities. Bluetooth technology lets you share things quite easily but having it activated all the time could be dangerous. Attackers can send malicious files to your device and can even take over your system to steal your sensitive information.

  • Automatic Lock

Mobiles, laptops and other gadgets should be set to lock after a certain period of inactivity. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access to data in case the device is stolen or missing.

With these tips, we advise you to stay alerted and safe for your data privacy. You can also have a look at our Top 5 Online Security Resolutions for the year 2017.

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