Mar, 2019

Internet security 2019

There is no denying that a lot of tasks nowadays are performed online, our mobile phones, laptops, and tablets have become an extension of ourselves. However, internet security has become a major issue in this digital era. This is most likely due to the hackers and cyber criminals that disguise themselves to take over the computers and steal our sensitive data and personal information. This is why ensuring we have the best internet security is crucially important. However, the sad truth is many web users don’t bother with internet security, thinking that the hackers won’t be able to reach them. However, as soon as you start using the internet, you get close to the prying eyes. One of the safest methods is to buy reliable internet security software that removes virus or malware, and advice when you are browsing an unsecured or malicious website.

The Importance of Internet Security

Let’s face it: There has been a tremendous rise in cyber crime and believe it or not, it’s getting worse every year. Without any online protection, you leave yourself open to become a victim of a cyber attack or even property damage. Well, in order to fully understand why online security is becoming more critical than ever, you should first understand the major threats that are out there in the virtual world.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the top few dangers of the Internet that you may face.


Tricking web users into clicking unsecured and malicious websites/links are called phishing. Hackers use this trick to gather personal information about a web user and later blackmail him/her to do something illegal or demand money. Phishing attacks remain one of the common types of security concerns for both individuals and enterprises.

Online Predators

The threat of online or cyber predators is quite high in the online world, especially on gaming or social networking sites. Sexual abuse or harassment nowadays are quite common where cyber criminals stalk and take advantage of kids and try to involve in dangerous activities online and offline.

Theft Of Personal Information

Anything you post on social networks is permanent. Simply, it can’t be burned or torn. Unfortunately, nowadays people don’t understand that the damage of a post or an image uploaded on social media accounts can affect their future. Even worse, if your social account is hacked, you can suffer extensive damage.

Inappropriate Content

The online world is filled with inappropriate and adult content that can affect the innocence and morality of web users, especially kids. There are various adult websites available online that children nowadays like to visit. An accidental click to these unsecured links or sites can take them to the dangerous world of pornography.

Your Online Security Is Worth The Effort! Precautions To Be Adopted

There are several protective measures that can be taken to strengthen your network security. Here’s what can be done to protect yourself online:

Install  Reliable Antivirus Software

This is the most basic thing. Install internet security virus protection on your mobile and laptop, set it to scan on a regular basis, and check to make sure it’s kept up-to-date. If you can’t afford to buy a license, most major antivirus software brands offer a free trial.

Regularly Backup Data

This may seem obvious, but many people still don’t maintain a data-backup system.Keep in mind that, backing up data is your last line of defense in the event of data loss, that allows you to re-access damaged or lost data.

Secure Your WiFi Connection

An unsecured WiFi connection can make your system vulnerable to potential cyber attacks. Hence, it is advisable to secure WiFi with strong passwords. It’s best for passwords to be at least 8 to 10 characters long.

Be Careful What You Download

When downloading a security program, music, series or movie online, check to make sure if what you are downloading is legal and safe. Viruses and other malicious software usually hide in helpful looking files and programs.

Set Up A Firewall

As its name suggests, a firewall performs exactly the same function- it keeps eyes on the incoming and outgoing traffic towards your system. Always ensure that your firewall is on or activated so that you are alerted to the potential online threats.

The importance of online security is not something to take lightly, so follow the above mentioned protective measures and safeguard yourself from cyber attacks!


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