Jul, 2019

Facebook Or GooglePassword manager-

  • Let’s begin with passwords, we are constantly reminded about picking a complex password, not to reuse the same password on other sites, even suggested to turn on two-factor authentication so it’s not easily accessible.
  • You can use a password manager for a super-complicated password or password security make it secure.
  • It is also recommended to keep on changing the password from time to time so hackers cannot get hold of the pattern of your password making it difficult for them to breach into your private data.
  1. Ignoring privacy policy-

    It is always a valuable advice to go through the privacy policy of any app or website before accepting it and using either of your Facebook or Google accounts to sign in. If you ignore reading it thoroughly, there might be information consisting like agreeing to their protocol will give them the access to your personal data like the contact list, or any other sites that you are visiting or engaged into. Some sites use this trick of putting unnecessary contents to make the info look endless and boring, which leads to people overlooking it and clicking accept.

  • It’s best to put aside some time from your busy schedule before proceeding with such task.
  • Keep on updating your privacy setting regularly.
  1. Hackers Posing As You-

    When you are using your Facebook account to sign in on maybe a shopping site and using online transactions, the hackers will easily attain the info about your bank details.

  • Some programmers also use your account to post racist or cynic columns in Facebook pretending as you. Such types of posts will impact your life adversely damaging your reputation in the society.
  • In other words, linking two or more sites with the same account allows not only hackers but other companies to collect your private statistics, so if one account is hacked, the rest could be compromised as well.
  1. Exposed Third-Party-

    Despite the fact that using your social accounts is not only fatal for you but it can be troublesome for the third-party diverse apps that you are operating on your phone too. These computer jocks are skilled in programming, so if they can hack into your account, they will quickly get access to the sites or apps you have connected to so far.

  • It is essential not to link your bank accounts or other crucial info with your social media accounts.
  • In addition to that, it is vital to make sure if the third-party app or site that you want to sign in is reliable and secure enough since you don’t want to them to get hold of your info and use it for other means than what is agreed upon.
  1. Following Online Pattern-

    Google has the capability to gather information about your online search explorations, it can be Chrome, Firefox or any other web-browsing platform. Based on the analysis they form a profile about what type of person you are and what you prefer, and then sell it to companies who are ready to buy Google ads and use these data to promote their brand in your search results or simple Gmail sidebar ads.

  • As the corporate get hold of more of this personal information, they instigate to sell more of their products which in turn helps to escalate their profit rate.
  • It is another way of including amassed data for the benefit of online retailers without your knowledge. To safeguard your online privacy should be your priority.


Considering the above aspects, logging in to a website or app with your social account is a risky measure. Although some can be trusted but only after going through all the guidelines attentively and if they are acceptable. But it is always encouraged not to do so with each site you come across or want to utilize, some mobile application or games considering it becomes an open invitation for the hackers.

 Some apps or games can be deleted from your phone after using for some time as it might get boring, but before deleting the app ensure that you have deleted your account from it as well, for the purpose that even though you are not using that specific app, your friends will keep on getting suggestion that you still are connected to it.

While most sites or apps ask for signing in with social media accounts just for verification reasons, some mostly want it to obtain your private data and use it as a focus point for selling brands, as for the hackers it’s a completely different story.

It is the call of necessity to use a security software attitude with clever instincts to be safe and one step ahead of the corrupted people. To be secured you need to accept the ongoing practice of keeping yourself updated.

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