Sep, 2017

Best Cyber Security Tips

So, you read the headline and immediately clicked on the article. And now, since you are reading it, we believe that the concept of cybersecurity bothers you too!

No matter how functional or high priced security tools are, there is no way out to forecast the loss caused by a careless internet user. October is observed as National Cyber Security Month and was mainly established to strengthen the weakest point of any security solution which is known as ‘Humans’. To help out Internet users during this National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we have listed a few security tips from cybersecurity experts out of many to avoid being a victim of cyber-attack. Let’s take a look-

  • Create a strong and complex password for every critical account and change them very often. Also, never re-use a password and make use of a password manager.
  • Make use of VPN or Virtual Private Network, whether you are on a corporate or a public Wi-Fi network to create a secure connection.
  • Keep all your applications and operating system updated with the latest security patches to get rid of threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Never click on suspicious links or attachments sent via email or text messages. If you think the message is a valid one, then log into your account directly, without using the supplied link.
  • Read all the terms and conditions very carefully throughout the installation wizard of any software. Apart from this, never install or download applications from unauthorized or untrusted sources.
  • Make use of Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication provides extra layered protection for all your online accounts from malicious malware. In the process of 2FA, not only a username and a password is required, but also the details which only the user knows and possesses.
  • Antivirus software is really very important. Run a reliable antivirus software for all your digital gadgets free from malware infection.
  • Check all your bank statements on a weekly basis. Look for any suspicious activity and if any, immediately contact your bank.
  • Never leave your PC/Mobile phone unlocked when you are away. Don’t make it easy for anyone to get into your system and steal all your sensitive information.
  • Verify all your privacy settings over social media. Be sure you are not over-sharing information which could be probably used against you.
  • Cyber hackers usually make the fake profile to get your sensitive credentials over social media. It is always advisable to beware of the friend request you accept.
  • The Internet is not a world of care bears! Never trust anyone, be it your dear or near ones. Trusting anyone can be risky for you.
  • Backup your important data on a regular basis. Backing up a system restores the sensitive information

Share the above-mentioned list of best Cyber Security Tips with your loved ones to help them stay safe!

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Abhijeet Guha
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