Advanced Endpoint Security Solutions for Your Business

Provides advanced security for all your endpoints, which are the Launchpad of malware attacks.

Facilitates remote installation, updating, and scanning of all individual end point PCs.

Helps manage all your Endpoints from a single management console.

Machine learning technology that strengthens defence against targeted attacks & zero day virus.

Device Control

REVE Antivirus Endpoint Security solutions incorporate a Device Control technology that allows the administrator to block or allow permissions for using external devices such as Hard Disk, Pen drive, USB Dongle,  Printers, External CD/DVD. By blocking unauthorized media, Device control prevents the spreading of a virus via removable devices.

These removable hardware pose a real threat to the organization structure as these can be easily used to transfer confidential data of customers to wrong hands. REVE Endpoint Protection features comprehensive device management that helps in preventing theft of confidential data to removable storage devices.

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Application Control

Control each & every application in the system to prevent data theft or leakage. By Application Control, you can block certain legitimate applications from running on the endpoints. These applications may not pose any security or malware threats but you may find it not suitable to your office or business environment. The application can be messaging apps like Skype, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Hangout or gaming apps.

Multiple Versions Blocking Facility:

There may be instances when one version of an application is blocked but any older version can be run by the end point user. To prevent this scenario, Application Control comes with multiple versions blocking capability.

Category wise Exception Rule:

Under Application Control, you get the facility to add certain exceptions and allow the access of some applications that fall within the blocked category. For example: if you have blocked all messaging apps and want to allow Skype as it is your prime communication app for your business. You can add a particular exception.

Your dashboard will provide you information regarding the top 3 data breaches that have occurred.

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Web Security

Protection from phishing & malicious sites reduces the number of end-point incidents. The Web Security or Web Control alerts the central admin if any malware infected URL is accessed by any PC in the network.

Category Wise Blocking:    

Empowers you to block any individual category such as ‘Job Search’, ‘Games’, ‘Sports’.  Blocking a particular category disallows endpoint users to browse any content which falls under that particular category.

URL Blocking:    

You can block any URL or group of URLs that you don’t want your staff to access. However, certain URLs can be whitelisted, which can be your company web address. You can apply certain rules in the URL blocking feature such as all All URLs beginning with the http & https can be prevented from being accessed. You can also apply restrictions on all types of proxy servers through which an individual web address can be accessed.

Network Support:
Complete web control support is provided on IPV4 network.

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Asset Management

Manage all your software & hardware assets from a single console. Whether it’s a network with 100 systems or more, you can understand how many systems had hardware or a software change. This will be reported by the reporting mechanism. Using a single configuration management database, hardware asset audits are performed to pull warranty information for all endpoint computers.

For a robust inventory management, a complete software inventory can be added under asset management. You can easily track your software licenses their date of expiry and information if it’s an individual product or the part of a suite.

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