Jan, 2018

website security myths

Each passing day takes us to a new headline about the leakage of the most important information over the Web. Be it bank account details belonging to millions of users, passwords or even social media accounts- the world of cyber-hackers are continuously taking advantage of the lack of security in every possible way. They can infect a website with malicious content within the blink of an eye. And, once your website is hacked by cyber-attackers, they can destroy all your database and even manipulate your valuable information by linking your website content with malicious links. Therefore, when it comes to web security, don’t fall for the myths.

Now, let’s review the list of a few web security myths.

Myth #1-Small enterprise owners don’t need to worry about being hacked

According to the research by IBM, 62% of all cyber-attacks are marked for small and mid-sized business. Websites of mid-size businesses are more often easier to breach because they are not protected as compared to the sites of a large business.

Myth #2-Mobile device can’t be infected by malware

As per a report of cyber risk, researchers found 4.5 million Android malware samples and 70,000 iOS malware samples. It can be really a big risk for an enterprise if their employees are using their personal smart devices to store or view the company’s valuable data.

Myth #3-A strong password is enough for protection

Choosing a strong password for all your online accounts is an easy task. But most of the people don’t consider their passwords that much important. They usually choose those passwords which are short and easy to guess by anyone. And, by doing so, website owners can be compromised to cyber-attacks. Website owners should make use of the password generator to keep their sensitive information safe and secure from cyber criminals.

Myth #4-Security software is enough for protecting a website

Though security software plays an important role in protecting your smart device but it should not be the only method of defense. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep a backup of your most important information at different locations on a regular basis. Also, remember to update your security software and aware your employees to protect your site.

Myth #5- Employees can’t impact your website or network

As per the research by Newswire, researchers found 90% of all cyber-attacks were the result of an employee unintentionally revealing access information and their system ID to the cyber-hackers. Hackers are regularly expanding and so website owners should do the same to protect their valuable information.

Your website might be on the target. Secure it before it is too late!

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