Jul, 2017

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Getting a pop-up to update your smartphone once again? Thinking that your phone is working fine and putting off the updates for some other time? Though most of us follow the same habit, however, this isn’t right. Probably, you are putting the security of your phone at risk. Why?  Let’s read on to know-

Security Patches

Since the cyber-threats are universal, the need is to install security patches on every device. These software updates protect your device from security holes. Therefore, make use of a good mobile security software on your device to keep vulnerabilities and other bugs at bay.

New Features are Up

A software update is a new version of your software which offers a significant improvement by adding some more features and functionality to it. So, it’s always a good idea to upgrade!

Increases Speed and Efficiency

If you tend to ignore your available software updates on your device, then believe me you are doing an extreme damage to it. Though the update process might be a little time-consuming, yet it’s worth in the long run as it boosts the speed and efficiency of your device.

Staying One Step Ahead

As the digital world is consistently moving forward, there is a need to keep yourself updated with the advanced learning. The more you are updated, the better it is when it comes to online security.

The above-mentioned are a few reasons to keep their device free from malicious threats and vulnerabilities. If you are aware of some other reasons then do share with us in the comments section below. In the meanwhile, you can read our post on Mobile Phone Phishing – Have You Armed Yourself against Phishers?

Stay Safe and Alert!

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