Oct, 2017

malwareViruses don’t just happen; people write them deliberately.

― Peter H. Gregory

The world is becoming more and more dependent on the online environment. With this, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of our computer systems as every now and then, thousands of bugs throng the Web. Thus, sharing few common malware warning signs which help you to figure out whether your PC has got a virus or not. Let’s take a quick look –

Symptom #1 Slow Working of A Device

Is your PC working slower than usual? Are applications taking too much time to start? If so, then your PC might have been infected with virus, worm or any other malware. Malware has the tendency to slow down the working of an operating system.

Symptom #2 Annoying Pop-Ups

Are you are getting a lot of pop-ups or messages on your desktop saying “Your PC has been infected and needs protection”? Then, it is surely a case of a malware infection. Your device might have been infected with spyware or a fake antivirus software commonly known as ‘Rogueware’.

Symptom #3 High-Speed Internet Connectivity

If you have disabled internet connectivity but still your PC shows up connected to a high-speed internet network, then it could be a warning sign that malicious malware has compromised your system.

Symptom #4 Unusual Error Messages

Receiving an unusual message which says – “You have corrupt or missing files and folders on your device” can be a warning sign that your PC has been infected with Malware.

Symptom#5 Programs Starting Automatically

All of a sudden you see programs or operating system starting or shutting down automatically without any reason. Not only this, if you are notified that you have lost access to some to a few of your drives, then sign can be your system has been infected with malware.

Symptom #7 New Toolbars or Unwanted Websites Accessed Without Your Input

Have you ever tried to access any certain website, but were redirected to a different web address? Does homepage of your device has been changed without your input? Well, this can be the also the indication that your device has been infected with malicious software. Make sure to run an antivirus scan on a regular basis to keep the malicious threats at bay.

Symptom #8 Change of applications

If you have noticed any change in your device’s applications or there are some new applications without your input, then you might have an infected system.

Symptom #9 Constant crashing of a system or programs

If all of a sudden you see a program opening or closing automatically or windows shutting down without any reason, then, once again, the indication could be a malware infection.

To avoid such symptoms, it is always advisable to get a reliable antivirus over your smart device to stop malicious attacks and vulnerabilities.

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