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Most of the people, or more precisely, internet users are unaware of what keyloggers are and how they are a serious threat to their online privacy. Well, I will explain this through an example. Suppose you are using net banking on your computer and someone peers over your shoulder as you enter your credentials using the keyboard. That feels unsafe, right?

Well, this is what a keylogger do. It is basically a software that collects the data you type on your keyboard. From keystrokes, mouse movements and virtual on-screen key presses inside browsers or applications, keyloggers can capture your sensitive data in several ways.

Types of Keyloggers

There are basically two types:

Hardware Keylogger is a hardware device that resembles some part of the computer cabling or a USB adaptor and makes it easy for the attacker to hide the device. The attacker needs to uninstall the device so as to access the information that has been captured.

Software Keylogger is a computer program that needs to be downloaded and installed on the computer system of the target. This software program can be a part of malware downloaded unknowingly by the computer user or executed as a part of rootkit that launches itself and works stealthily. The captured information is updated on the server periodically so that the controller can check.

Anti-Keylogger Measures

While there are several ways by which attackers can install a keylogger on your system, it is best to install an anti-keylogger software. Such programs are specially designed to detect and remove keylogging software.

To detect hardware keylogger, a visual inspection needs to be done. Additionally, computer security cages can be installed on the system to block unauthorized access to USB and PS/2 ports. Apart from this, you can use two-factor authentication or voice-to-text software when using your login credentials. 

These practices make it tough for the keylogger controller to capture your data. Let us know what experience do you have as an internet user. Also have a look at our blog post on What Happens During a Man-In-The-Middle-Attack?

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