Dec, 2018

employee trackingWhile employees are considered the biggest asset of a company, these can be the most dangerous threats too. Leaking sensitive information out of the door through any medium be it a hard drive, a USB, a CD or via email, employees can bring huge financial and reputational losses to businesses. So, it becomes crucial to keep a tab on employees so that they don’t turn out to be disasters.

But how can a company spot the wrong employee, especially in the big sized organizations. There are several employee tracking tactics that can be applied. Let’s take a look:

  • Pay attention to the ‘in’ and ‘out’ timings of the employees every once in a while. This will help you understand about their presence in the office during working hours.
  • Keep a check upon employee behaviour by organizing fun events and activities. This is going to help you understand how they perform within a team and individually.
  • The external devices such as USBs, CD drives, etc, brought by employees inside the company should be checked before they leave the premises.  You can even create a policy for not bringing any external devices to office.
  • The type of content browsed by employees can be a good indicator toward their intentions. Taking screenshots of their computer screens after a certain time period on regular basis can help you with this. You can automate this process with the help of an employee monitoring software.
  • Keep a check on the apps used by employees on their computers. Messaging apps such as Skype, Google Hangout, and data sharing apps such as Fileshare may be used to transfer company data to outside sources.
  • Monitor what type of documents are printed by employees using the company printer. An unusual printing count could be an indication for something suspicious.
  • Keep a track of the hardware and software changes that happen on computer systems in the company network.

Often businesses have no clue about a breach that happens through employees, but is believed to be because of external threats. Having endpoint security solutions on your company network is a smart measure to secure your sensitive data and root out the bad employees. Most of the above mentioned points can be followed easily using endpoint protection.

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Smriti Singh
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