Jun, 2019

Playing It Safe: Online Gaming Risks

Online Gaming Risks

We all know how much we love playing online games. Isn’t it true?

Today, online gaming has become popular and a rapidly growing trend with children as well as young people. As per research, online gaming is considered one of the top activities enjoyed by kids with an age group 9-16 year-old, with gaming more popular than social networking.

With the availability of internet connection during a game has added a new opportunity for online gamers. Basically, it allows players to find out the other players to play against or with them from any the corner of the world.

Types of Online Gaming

Do you know there are various ways of playing games online? If not, then let us tell you a few out of many. Read the list below-

  • PC Games

PC Games are those games which are played on the computers. Such type of games can be purchased from shops or can be downloaded directly from the internet.

Quick Advice-Many PC Games are making use of the internet where gamers interact with together in virtual spaces. Therefore, it is advisable to run the best virus protection software on your device to keep your PC safe and secure.

  • Mobile Games

Mobile Games are the ones which run on the mobile devices which are compatible with other mobile devices. Many people can be found playing games on their smartphones while taking a bus, metro or just wanting to pass their time.

Quick Advice- Your smartphone carries all your valuable information. Therefore, it is advisable to patch it with a good and reliable mobile security software. Apart from this, it’s better to keep your smart device updated to the latest version.

Wait! We have more for you!

Risks of Online Gaming

While playing online games, one can be prone to many risks. Some of them are listed below.

  • Content- Some games might not be suitable for your child’s age. They might contain violent or sexually explicit content.
  • Contact- Basically, it is a type of user interaction with other which may harm an individual personally or informational.
  • Conduct- Most dangerous form of online vulnerability, where a person takes an active role in harming other vulnerable users for some or the other reasons such as psychology, self-esteem or proving oneself wrong.

Rules for ‘SMART’ Online Gaming

We have picked out a few important security tips for online gaming that every parent should know. Let’s discuss!

Safe-Stay safe by not sharing your personalized information with anyone, especially while chatting or posting anything online. Personalized information includes an email address, password, account details and other valuable details.

Meeting-Meeting with someone who has been in touch with you online can be much more dangerous. Remember online friends are strangers to you even if with whom you are talking to for a long time. It is advisable to never share any information with them.

Accepting-Accepting friend requests over social media, pictures and much more from unknown people can lead to problems. They may consist of nasty messages and a malicious computer virus. Beware!

Reliable– Always check whether the information being asked is reliable to be shared or not. Stay Safe and Secure!

Tell-Tell your parents, friends or relatives if anything makes uncomfortable or if you or someone else is being bullied one.

Remember! We have got the right tools and the right skills to make privacy a hallmark of gaming culture. Run the parental control software on your smart device to experience safe online gaming.

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