Nov, 2018

employee monitoring

It is often seen that corporate breaches happen because of the internal threats and issues, but still companies pay least attention towards this specific area. Their main focus in on protecting the company network from external threats. The fact that user behaviour is hard to be predicted when it comes to using internet is quite true to a certain extent. Even the most trained and cyber-educated employees are sometime the ones clicking on a random malicious URL or replying to a phishing email. These days hackers have gone so much sophisticated that it becomes hard for users to figure out what’s malicious and what’s legitimate.

However, this doesn’t mean that companies cannot do anything to stay defensive. Employee monitoring is one such activity that companies can perform in order to ensure that there are no inappropriate activities. Suppose an employee secretly watches porn content on their system and clicks on a malicious link while doing so, which leads to automatic installation of malware. Now this malware can travel in the company network and can infect all the computer systems of the company. The company only gets to know only when a series of computers have their data locked up.

These types of situations can lead to loss of financial as well as reputational losses. There have been cases where businesses have to shut down as they were not able to survive the attack. So what should be done? Monitoring of employees seems to be a good defensive measure to prevent such incidents. Here are some points which companies can keep in mind to figure out unusual behavior of employees:

  • Keeping a check on the type of content browsed
  • How much time is being spent on screen other than work
  • Are they using any external devices on the computers provided by company?
  • Are they sending regular emails to an unknown id?
  • Is their behavior changed with other colleagues?
  • Are they taking too much printouts from the company printer?
  • Are they coming to work but still not able to complete their tasks?

REVE Endpoint Security can help corporates to understand how people interact with data on the internet. Its features are designed to ease the process of employee monitoring:

  • With Device Control, the central admin can monitor, block and control all the devices i.e. computer systems in the network. Also, the external devices such as USBs can be controlled.
  • With application control, Admins can keep a tab on all the applications used in the computer systems. Applications that do not seem to be useful or appear inappropriate can be removed.
  • With employee monitoring feature, automatic screenshots of the computer systems can be taken and stored after a certain time interval. This helps in knowing what type of URLs are being browsed.
  • With web security, Admins can receive alerts whenever an inappropriate or malicious URL is accessed in the company network. This helps in reducing incidents of phishing and malware attacks.

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Kanika Sharma is a cyber security writer and digital marketer. For the past 5 years, she has been writing for various technology blogs. Being an engineering graduate, her background allows her to connect with cutting edge technologies and relate them to real world scenarios. When she is not writing, she loves wandering around the hills, as exploring nature excites her the most.
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