Dec, 2016


Enterprise data breach attacks are a common scenario these days. However, many of us are unaware of the fact that it’s not just one infection, but a chain of events leads to such attacks. In this post, let’s understand how a data breach happens and measures to prevent it.

Data Security Breach – How it Happens?

Profiling the Machines

In order to launch an attack, the hackers first make a check by profiling the target machines. During this check, they identify which employees of the enterprise would easily fall prey to malicious attempts.


After the attacker is ensured about its targets, he entices them by making a malicious attempt that appears legitimate to the user. For instance, in the case of a phishing attempt, an attacker sends a phishing email that asks the receiver to click on a certain attachment.


Once the target is redirected to the attack server, it starts exploiting the target machine by executing the malware payload.

Executing the Payload

After the execution starts, all important components of the network and machine such as drives, files, credentials, etc. are retrieved by the attacker.

How to Disrupt a Data Breach Chain Attack?

Clearly, there are multiple ways in which a network could be compromised, it is, therefore, important for an enterprise to educate its employees about online safety measures. You can advise them

  • Social media profiles should be locked and one should be aware of the type of information posted on the web.
  • Employees should have knowledge about the phishing attacks which will help them disrupt the delivery phase.
  • Employees should also be advised to install an anti-malware tool that actively detects malware.

While it is important to understand the data breach process, one should also take effective measures to prevent such attacks and stay safe.

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