Oct, 2017

How to Choose Antivirus Software for PC

how to choose antivirus for PC

Choosing the right antivirus software is a complex task as you need to judge several factors like the features, brand image and also your exact needs. You may be confused and lost among brands, which lure you with different types of advertising messages.  In this scenario, it is essential to know how to choose antivirus software for PC. Through this blog, we have attempted to give answers to some of your queries and help you select best anti-malware for your computer.

Compare the Features of Antivirus Software

An antivirus brand may have several types of anti-malware products starting from basic to advanced, so you should compare the features carefully before purchasing the same. If you are an average PC user then a basic version may be sufficient for you whereas if you are connected to the internet then an internet security software should be an ideal product.

Compare the Cost of the Anti-malware with the Features Offered

Sometimes money plays an important role to influence your purchase decision, so you can compare the cost with the features offered by 3-4 brands before choosing an antivirus. Many people goes for free antivirus software but you cannot be sure that you will get complete protection. With latest cyber threats and zero day virus, a free antivirus software is not sufficient to protect your data online.

Check if you are Getting a Free Trial of Antivirus

Check if you are getting an antivirus  free trial as this will help you to judge the capability of the antivirus. Most antivirus companies offer free trial, so you should not worry much but check the duration of the trial. A 30 days free trial should be sufficient for you to evaluate the product in terms of virus detection. In this period, you can run malware scan and check different features.

Is the Antivirus User-Friendly?

This is the most important criteria to choose antivirus software for PC. If the antivirus is not user-friendly then you may not be able to utilize its features for which you have paid. Some features, you may never be able to use due to their complexities. So it’s recommended that you check all features during your trial period.  You can check online videos if posted by the antivirus provider.

Does your Antivirus Company Provide 24X7 Technical Support?

Most antivirus companies offer technical support but you should go for companies that offer round the clock support. You may require support at any point of time if there is a technical glitch, which you cannot solve yourself. Also check the types of technical support the company is providing. Reputed companies offer support via chat, call and email, so you can utilize any of these to get resolution to your issue.

Adhering to these tips, you will know how to choose antivirus software for PC and keep it threat free.

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