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Best Antivirus For Android Smartphone

Do I really need an antivirus on my Smartphone? This may have been an inquiry around many years before, times are changing and a significant number of processing assignments used to take place on a computer system, now they currently happen on a Smartphone or tablet. However with a fast increment in the number of mobile virus attacks, the need for antivirus is currently increasing day by day: Yes, antivirus on an Android Smartphone is an unquestionable requirement. The inquiry is, how would you pick the best antivirus for Android Smartphone?

In practically all cases, Android Smartphone and tablets don’t require antivirus. Your gadget is substantially more in danger of theft than a virus. But Android infections do exist, and a good antivirus application can give true serenity.

There are a few distinctive methods for identifying the malware on your Android gadget. You may have thought the Play Store would be protected, yet you’d be savvy to reconsider. Android’s previous Chief Security Engineer Adrian Ludwig expressed in the past that he doesn’t trust the average clients need to install antivirus applications. However, in 2017 alone, Google expelled 700,000 malignant applications from its very own Play Store.

In case you’re utilizing an unprotected gadget, you’re as of now at high danger of infection. Having the best Android antivirus is fundamental for securing your own private data. So

                        ’It’s smarter to be safe than sorry when it comes to security”

Choosing The Best Antivirus For Your Android Gadget

What makes antivirus good or best? There are numerous parameters by which you can rank antivirus applications for Android. Also, luckily, there are free test labs that test security arrangements and give them marks dependent on those features or parameters. Let’s discuss some of them.


The Best Smartphone antivirus should be able to notify you whenever the actual threat is detected, and it should not bother you with false notifications.

Threat Detection Rate

The Threat recognition rate of antivirus is just a single viewpoint within its whole security suite offering. Best Antivirus Software needs to find each risk attempting to enter your mobile device, so in free tests a decent application must have a high threat recognition rate, implying that it identifies and obstructs as many threats as possible in the test set. For instance, Bitdefender has scored one honor after another scoring good grade with regards to tests on antivirus with the most elevated detection rate in contrast with the industry average, which is about 99.7 percent.

While detection rates change, there is a reason to this, on account of whether scans were performed while offline or on the web, so the greater part of these best antivirus with most elevated detection rates should pass the test with good results.

Performance Analysis

This Characteristic is the most important for most clients just as well as the protection quality itself. It determines how fast the antivirus is, the quicker and lighter a security solution is, the better, because an antivirus app should be scarcely recognizable when nothing malevolent is going on.

Performance Parameters Include:

  • OS Booting Time Taken.
  • RAM used by Antivirus.
  • Speed while Scanning.

Features To Look Before You Decide To Choose The Best Antivirus

  • Protection against Viruses: An antivirus protects your PC against viruses all the time thus improving the PC speed.
  • Anti-Trojan: This feature keeps a vigil on the files we introduce on our PC. It recognizes and separates applications that might play out a surreptitious action.
  • Safe Browsing: It lets to browse safely on the browser. Thus keeping Browser Exploits at bay.
  • Blocking Access to Inappropriate content: It enables guardians to confine the time their children spend on the internet and restrict access to the content improper for kids. Thus ensuring Parental control.
  • Anti-Rootkit: A rootkit is a sort of infection that can intrude into the system and can supplant basic documents, with degenerate and malignant renditions. It can evacuate certain rootkit viruses. Tragically, the most solid approach to expel a root unit is to reformat the tainted hard drive and reinstall the OS.
  • Email Security: Email Protection highlights of antivirus incorporate the capacity to filter inbound and outbound email for tainted connections and URLs to vindictive sites. Some antivirus incorporates isolation (Quarantine) and blocking features.
  • Virus-Updates: One of the most serious issues clients have with antivirus is just staying up with the latest. Most antivirus programming can be arranged to consequently associate with the merchant web page and download new updates automatically all the time.
  • Protection Against spyware: Spyware is a sort of malware that can take documents and record the action of a contaminated PC. Spyware can be utilized to accumulate data used to access the password protected records or view a posting of visited sites. So the Best Antivirus should provide the full protection against it.
  • Automatic Backup: a capacity to create a backup of your photographs and other valuable information on your gadget.

Reve’s Mobile Security for Android incorporates virus scanner, anti theft, parental control app lock, privacy advisor, and safe surfing, and extra highlight include automatic virus updates protecting you against all kinds of internet viruses and threats.

Eventually, the best antivirus for your Android Smartphone ought to have the most elevated threat detection rate, low effect on performance and battery life, and few false positives.

Do You Really Need An Antivirus For Your Gadget?

Android infections have hit the markets previously, driving clients to think installing a sort of security app is a smart thought. What’s more, it goes nearly without saying: the more well-known Android turns into the more it becomes an objective for the hackers. However, do you truly need to introduce an asset and battery-hoarding antivirus application on your smartphone that is going to torment you with tiresome notifications?

There are numerous antivirus applications accessible on Play Store for Android mobiles. As per my exploration and learning, Android portable needn’t bother with any antivirus app as it is in-built. When going into any threat related website page, your gadget will caution you, so no compelling reason to introduce any antivirus application on your device.

The most exceedingly awful thing you are to accept you are secured by an antivirus application and bring down your defenses. Ongoing exploration by AVC found that 66% of the 250 Android antivirus applications it tried don’t really work. So it’s hard to trust any merchant with your gadget security.

With longer periods of security enhancements added to its repertoire, does Android truly require every one of those “antivirus” applications promising nonstop protection?

Your Android Preferences

Android is a system that has assembled its notoriety on its relative receptiveness. You can download applications and APKs from anyplace, you can root your gadget and update it with an alternate Android-based system. The braver you are as an Android client, the more probable you are to harm your device, however, you most likely definitely realize that and avoid potential risk.

One thing to be careful about, for instance, is downloading applications (APKs) from outside the Play Store. (To do this you have to “Permit Unknown sources” from your smartphone settings.)

When you’re downloading APKs from outside destinations, the securities in the Play Store can’t support you, it’s just your phone’s security is dependent on the activities you do. Except if you’re completely certain about the wellspring of your non-Play Store applications, you ought to consider an Android antivirus application to give that additional security.

What To Opt For Free Or Paid?

Regardless of whether you have to pay for antivirus for your Android gadget truly relies upon how you use it. For instance, the key distinction between the paid and the free forms of Internet Security for Android is that the paid security platform examines everything automatically, though with the free form you have to initiate yourself.

These two arrangements are totally extraordinary. With the paid rendition, you can essentially introduce it and overlook it; the application thoroughly takes care of you, examining each new record and each new site that you open.

Try our Reve Mobile security for Free here! And get the doorway for your android smartphone protection.


Security is in your own hands. Don’t download applications in case you don’t know what they are. Malicious applications are the greatest danger to your Android security, so you should in every case check the authenticity of your application before you download it. It should have got the ‘’Editors Choice’’ grant on the Play Store and other things to consider like rating reviews and what users on the internet saying about it like online forums and all.

If we will opt for this method, we will never want to download an antivirus. And on the off chance if you may download something you shouldn’t, at that point we definitely realize that Android’s security isn’t ensured to secure. That time an Android antivirus application may be exactly what you need.

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