Definition of Rootkit

A Rootkit is defined as a malicious computer software hidden deep inside a PC and remains undetectable. Although this software on their own may not be harmful, they hide worms, bot & malware. Attackers can have ‘root’ access to the user’s computer using a harmful software. Hence, it is considered extremely dangerous for user’s privacy and PC users need an anti-rootkit software. 3

What are the Different Types of Rootkit?

There are different types of Rootkit virus such as Bootkits, Firmware Rootkits, Kernel-Level Rootkits & Application Rootkits.


It's a type of malicious infection that targets Master Boot Record located on the computer’s motherboard.

Firmware Rootkits

This type of virus hide itself in the hardware of a computer system such as network card.

What does It do?

A virus collects the sensitive data from the user’s computer such as financial information and passwords. It can also cause a computer to malfunction and relay spams.

How It enters a PC?

Rootkit can be infected in a device either by sharing infected disks or drives. It can also be pre-installed on a purchased computer. Apart from these, when you download any software, Rootkit can enter your system, if the source is not a trusted one.

How to detect & remove this harmful software from a computer?

In order to detect a virus, you need to scan your PC using a Rootkit scanner, which can detect any hidden malicious infection easily. Some tips to help you remain protected from viruses are as follows:

Install an Anti-Rootkit

Best way to keep hackers’ hands off is to download and install an anti-rootkit or Rootkit scanner on your device. You can use an antivirus software on your PC which has anti-rootkit feature. Using a rootkit remover, you can remove it from your PC.

Use External Drives with caution

While you insert any external drive, scan it with the best rootkit scanner to identify any hidden malware. This will help you remain protected from Rootkits that enter via these devices. Apart from tips for removing malicious software from a PC, it is also important to take some basic steps such as download software from legitimate sites & read the terms & conditions carefully while installing a software. You can use REVE Antivirus which has anti-rootkit feature.

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