FAQ for Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Security

General Queries

What is a virus?

A virus is an unwanted piece of software, which is developed to hamper the smooth functioning of computers. It can enter your PC via external drives or through the internet.

What is a worm?

A worm is a standalone malware that acts as a self-replicating virus in order to spread to other computers.

What is a Trojan Horse?

A Trojan Horse is a program containing malicious or harmful code. Entering a computer, it performs background task like corrupting files and sending out personal information.

What is a Backdoor?

Backdoor is used for hacking. It is an independent virus comprising of two components-Remote & Server. The Server component is installed on the computer of the victim whereas the remote component acts as a tool to control the infected computer.

What are Rootkits?

Rootkits hide deep inside your computer and remains undetected. It transmits your personal information to hackers.

What is false positive?

A false positive is a mistake that happens occasionally. Here, the Antivirus thinks a download is harmful when it is actually safe.

Can I use more than one Anti-Virus software on my computer?

We do not recommend using more than one Antivirus software. Some activities are performed in real time like scanning of files, scanning of email, which integrates with OS. So, installing multiple Antiviruses can cause problem as same task will be attempted by these software. Results may be system freeze and also data loss.

What is REVE Antivirus? What platforms does it run on?

REVE Antivirus is an Antivirus software, which provides protection from all types of virus. REVE Antivirus runs on Windows xp (Service pack 3), 7, 8, 8.1,10 and Android (Mobile version).

Is REVE Antivirus capable of detecting all viruses?

Yes, REVE Antivirus is capable enough of detecting and removing almost all viruses.

Where do I find REVE Antivirus in my country?

You can get REVE Antivirus online by visiting our website or through retailers.

How long can I use REVE Antivirus free trial copy?

REVE Antivirus free trial copy can be used for 30 days starting from the date of installation.

Can I use my credit card to purchase REVE Antivirus?

REVE Antivirus can be purchased using your credit card. In order to purchase, please visit and click on ‘Buy Now’.

How to verify if my system is a victim of new Worms, Trojans and Backdoor?

In order to know whether your system has a new Virus, Worm, Malware, etc run the signature update on our REVE Antivirus UI and do a full system scan to detect and remove all malicious threats.

In order to use free trial of REVE Antivirus, do I require a Product key?

No, a product key is not necessary to use the trial version of REVE Antivirus.

How do I submit a Virus?

To submit, zip the virus with a password (i.e. infected) and send it to

In order to get technical support where should I contact?

For any kind of technical assistance, please visit: www.reveantivirus/support or write to us at


What are the important tips before proceeding for Installation?

Follow these simple tips before installing REVE Antivirus:

  • Close all the files and folders that are open on your PC.
  • Make sure to save all your work as the computer may restart several times in between.

How do I install REVE Antivirus?

Using REVE Antivirus CD

Insert REVE Antivirus CD, which is an auto run CD. Now, click on ‘Install REVE Antivirus’.

The installation process is quite simple and you need to read the installation screen and abide by the instructions. To continue, click on ‘Next’.

Using REVE Antivirus via weblink

Double click on REVE Antivirus download link to begin with the installation. Other steps remain the same.

How do I uninstall REVE Antivirus?

  • Go to Start-Programs/ control panel on your PC
  • Click Uninstall REVE Antivirus
  • REVE Antivirus uninstaller will prompt for the deletion
  • If you wish to reinstall REVE Antivirus further then you can check Retain settings. Or else press ‘OK’ to proceed.
  • In order to complete the uninstallation process, you need to restart the system.

Can I install REVE Antivirus on another computer using the same License?

  • In REVE Antivirus UI, go to the help option and click on relocate button.
  • On clicking relocate, a relocation key will be received on your e-mail.
  • Now choose the “relocate user” option on another PC and enter the 8 digit relocation key.
  • Once this relocation key is entered, REVE Antivirus is easily installed on the new PC.

How to identify windows version in my PC?

You need to download Version checker from the internet in order to know the version of your PC.

Offline Activation

What is Offline Activation?

Offline Activation is a process of activating your REVE Antivirus license without any internet connection. This process is useful in case there is limited or no internet connectivity.

How can I activate my REVE Antivirus License Offline?

In order to complete the offline activation process, you need insert your REVE Antivirus CD and install the same. Then click on ‘Help’ option on the left side of your REVE Antivirus UI.  Click on Activate License>I have no internet connection, I want to activate offline. Now you need you need to call REVE Antivirus support team to get your Offline Activation Code.

Please click here for a detailed view of the Offline activation registration process.

How to reach our Customer Support?

Our helpline numbers are Global (Singapore): +6531591395, Bangladesh: +8801847214960, India: +91 9821153765.  You can also reach us via Live Chat option on the website.

Is Offline Activation compatible for all Windows version?

Offline activation supports Windows Desktop (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) and above.

Is it necessary to reinstall OS for the Offline Activation process?

No, it is not necessary at all to reinstall OS to activate Offline activation.

How do I get the Offline Activation Code?

You can get the offline activation code by calling up REVE Antivirus customer support. Your activation code will be provided on your mobile number.


How do I register REVE Antivirus on my PC?

In order to register REVE Antivirus, you need to have a working internet connection and it will be registered automatically.

I lost my Product Key, what should I do now?

In case you have lost your product key, please contact REVE Antivirus support team. You should provide the support engineer with your antivirus serial number that is available on the box. This will help us solve the issue faster and provide you a new product key.

Registration wizard is not accepting Product Key, what is the issue?

Registration wizard will not accept your Product key if it is invalid or if it has been already used. However, if both these situations do not apply and still the wizard is not accepting the product key then you need to contact REVE Antivirus support team.

How long can I use this registered copy?

You can use registered copy till the subscription period of your REVE Antivirus. After the subscription period is over, you will have to renew your copy of REVE Antivirus.

If you want to know the time period till when your license is valid, click on the “Help” button on the UI and then License Details. This will provide you with complete details of your license.

How to use REVE Antivirus

What is the process of using REVE Antivirus Quarantine?

REVE Antivirus Quarantine can be used by the following process:

Click on Report in UI – View quarantine

Remove – Delete a file from Quarantine.

Remove All – Delete all the files that are in Quarantine.

Restore– This helps you to restore all the files that are in Quarantine to their original location.

How can I check the version and virus data base of REVE Antivirus after the update process?

It is quite easy to check your REVE Antivirus version and virus database. Please use the following method:

From Start menu on your PC, launch REVE Antivirus, and then click on Update button in the UI. Now, the version and virus database information will be easily visible to you.

I want to scan my PC daily using REVE Antivirus at a specific time. What should I do?

You can configure the scanner to run at the predetermined interval and time. Scan can be scheduled one time daily or weekly.

In order to fix the scanning schedule, please follow the steps:

Start menu ->REVE Antivirus–>Scan–>Schedule Scan.

To schedule virus scans:

  • To add the schedule scan entry, click “Add Schedule” button on the UI.
  • Choose the frequency (Daily or Weekly) of Schedule Scan from Scan Frequency drop-down. In case you choose “Weekly” please select desired day from “Weekdays” drop-down.
  • Select correct scan type (Quick/Full)
  • Set the appropriate time when you want to perform the scheduled scan.
  • Click “Save” to add.

How do I remove virus that is active in memory?

To remove virus from memory and system, you will need to scan your complete system. If required, REVE Antivirus will automatically restart your PC.

Why is “Activate Now” visible on Homepage of REVE Antivirus UI?

It may be due to one of the two reasons.

1. You have entered an invalid product key

  • Click “Activate Now” -> Update License -> “Enter valid product key”

2. Your License key is expired

  • Click “Activate Now” -> Renew -> Purchase new Key.
  • Add the new product key under ”Update License”

What is Silent Mode? How do I turn on the Silent Mode of REVE Antivirus?

Antivirus related pop ups often annoy users who are performing any task on their PC, so the ‘Silent Mode’ feature of REVE Antivirus proves useful in these cases. Speciality of this feature is that, all the Antivirus related pop ups or notifications will be hidden but the activities will be performed in the background thereby providing protection to your PC.

To turn on the silent mode:

  • Click on the System Tray.
  • Right click on REVE Antivirus and click on ‘Turn on Silent Mode’’.

How can I disable Real Time Antivirus Protection?

In order to disable real time Antivirus protection, follow these steps:

  • Open the System tray on your PC.
  • Right click on REVE Antivirus and click on ‘Disable Protection’.

How to update REVE Antivirus

In case of proxy, how do I set my Internet settings?

Follow these steps to set your internet settings in case of proxy:

  • Open REVE Antivirus UI, click on ‘settings’
  • Click on ‘Proxy settings’
  • Click on ‘enable proxy’ and configure the rest of the settings and ‘apply’

If Update is Off, how to turn it on?

Settings – Updates – Update Now – Apply

  • Go to Antivirus UI Home page, Click on ‘Settings’.
  • Click “Updates”
  • Finally click on “Update Now” and get regular updates.

How should I turn off Auto Update in REVE Antivirus?

Settings – Updates – Automatic Updates – Apply

  • Go to Antivirus UI Home Page.
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Updates’
  • Then turn off ‘Automatic Updates’ and ‘Apply’.

FAQ for Internet Security

Parental Control

What is REVE Parental Control?

Parental Control is a feature of REVE Internet Security, which allows parents to track the online activities of their kids. This feature also allows the user to block websites based on categories like adult, gambling etc.


  • Category based rule (50 predefined category)
  • Time based rule
  • URL based rule (blacklist/white list)

Furthermore, the admin/parent can get instant notification on mobile app when anyone visits a site that is under the surveillance/block rule.

What does REVE Antivirus Parental Control have in store for you?

REVE Antivirus Parental Control feature gives parents the freedom to decide when and how their kids should use the Internet. Our Parental Control can be your digital mirror that can help keep your kids safer online. With REVE Antivirus Parental Control feature build a safer Internet space for your kids.

What do you mean by Category in Parental Control? How does category wise blocking work?

REVE Antivirus parental control allows you to block websites as per category such as “Adult”, “Gambling”, “Dating”, “Piracy”, etc. You can block/ monitor certain categories of websites, which you feel are inappropriate for your kids.

Blocking specific websites by blacklisting their URLs

Control access to particular websites by simply blacklisting their domain name. For instance, you can block websites such as Facebook, Google, GameSpot, etc. by blacklisting their URL.

Time Based Feature

With this feature, you can schedule a time limit and decide which days and hours of the week your children can browse which website.

My kids wouldn’t go looking for such kind of sites. Why do I need REVE Parental control?

Most of the kids knowingly or unknowingly get into gambling, pornography and more under the influence of their peers.

Researches show that about 70% of all 15-17 year olds have accidentally stumbled across such kind of sites while working online and few of them have also received sexual solicitation over the internet and they don’t know what to do?

But with this Parental Control feature, parents can keep their kids away from getting started.

Thus being an Internet Parent, it is not sufficient for you to use parental control software but also to be familiar about the dangers of the Internet.

What kind of browser should I use to run the Parental Control feature?

Recommended browsers are Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

What happens if someone tries to access a prohibited site on my PC that is under Parental Control?

If the site is blocked, then a block web page is displayed that tells you that this site is not permitted by your filtering software. If a website is under surveillance rule and your kid tries to browse it in your absence, you will receive a live notification on your mobile.

Can my kids turn the Parental Control feature off?

When you use the feature for the first time, it will ask you to register/login. Only someone with the correct login details can turn it off.

Can I block a website that I had forgotten to block earlier?

Yes, you can take immediate action by adding that site to your blacklist. Just click on the Parental control tab visible on UI & login. Now, go to “Parental Control -> Blacklist” then enter the web address of the site. Click on “Always Block” and “Add.”

Can I use REVE Parental Control for my organization?

Yes, organizations can purchase REVE Internet Security or higher version Antivirus to avail this Advanced Parental Control feature.

How do I access Parental Control?

Open REVE Antivirus UI.

Click on ‘parental’ tab

Click on ‘Sign In’ if you’re already a member or ‘register’ if a new member.

This will lead you to the dashboard. Go to ‘Parental Control’

Here add the details of the PC that you want to keep a track of.

Enter in the product key and you can keep a track of all the activities taking place on this PC.

How do I configure REVE Parental Control on my child’s computer?

Go to dashboard from REVE Antivirus UI [Home-> Parental Control->sign-in] – login – add child pc using product key

How can I configure Mobile notifications?

Parents can receive instant notifications on their mobile regarding their kids’ online activities, eg. websites they have visited.

In order to configure the mobile notification, please follow the below steps:

Go to Mobile app- login. From option mark “sync” and then receive notifications

How do I block or allow the access to a certain website?

Login dashboard from REVE Antivirus UI [Home-> Parental Control->sign-in] – Go to ‘Parental Control’ Blacklist/whitelist websites

Select the PC list visible on the left side of the dashboard window.

Select the settings that you want to apply.

Add the various websites in the whitelist that you want to be accessed and the ones that you don’t want to be accessed add them to the blacklist.

How do I block/monitor the access to a certain Category?

Login dashboard from REVE Antivirus UI [Home-> Parental Control->sign-in] – Go to “Parental Control -> Configure Category

Select the PC list visible on the left side of the dashboard window.

Select the settings that you want to apply.

Now mark the category (from upto 50 category) that you want to block or monitor

How do I block/monitor the Time based Parental Control?

Login dashboard from REVE Antivirus UI [Home-> Parental Control->sign-in] – Go to “Parental Control -> Time Based

Select the PC list visible on the left side of the dashboard window.

Select the settings that you want to apply.

Now mark the category (from upto 50 category) that you want to block or monitor.

Spam & Phishing

What is spam?

Spam is a popular word used for unsolicited/irrelevant emails sent over the internet, typically to a large numbers of users, for the purpose of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

How do spammers obtain my email address?

Spammers usually target users by scanning online forums, postings or chat sites, where they can easily find email addresses. Gathering of such information is facilitated by robots which have been designed for spamming across different Internet services.

Should I complain or reply to a spammer in order to get my email address removed from the spam email list?

Do not send out any unsubscribe request, unless you are confident that the organization sending out the spam email is trustworthy. You might see options such as “click here to unsubscribe”, however, your request may be ignored by the spammers and you would end up wasting time over emails.

Is there any software that can help me to block out spam emails on the user side?

Yes, one of the most effective ways to control spam emails is to use Anti-Spam filters. These Anti-Spam filters allow you to easily block any irrelevant messages and does not let them get deposited in your inbox. REVE Antivirus offers spam filtering features.

How can I reduce the amount of spam I receive?

REVE Antivirus provides tools to filter out suspected spam email into a folder named ‘ReveSpam’. It helps you to filter your email from spam and protects you from phishing scams.

Following are the features of REVE Anti-Spam:

  • Blacklist: It simply blacklists a particular email address from which you will not receive emails anymore.
  • Whitelist: By adding an email address to the whitelist, you are always going to receive mails from it.
  • Subject based: Here you can add a particular email subject. After doing so, you’ll not receive any mails with that particular subject.
  • Smart Spam: If you have 3 unread mails from the same email address, it will automatically ask you whether you want to add the email address to the blacklist.

Can I determine who is spamming me?

Spammers often disguise the sender’s information. Usually, the “to” and “from” fields will be invisible. Sometimes they can make it look like an email you have sent to yourself. Even the IP addresses are faked. These techniques make it difficult to determine the spammer.

What is REVE Smart Spam?

If you delete 3 unread mails from same email address, it will automatically ask you whether you want to add the email address to the blacklist.

To run REVE Anti-Spam, which supported mail client is required?

In order to run REVE Anti-Spam, you need to have Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013.

How can I blacklist a spam email with the help of REVE Antivirus?

If you want to add an email address or subject to the blacklist, then select the particular message and click on ‘Add to Blacklist’ from REVE Anti-Spam tab in Outlook.

How to enable/ disable smart spam in REVE Antivirus?

If you need to disable or enable the smart spam option then click on the ‘disable/ enable’ option available on the top right side in outlook.

I am not able to see my mails, where can I find them?

Go to Outlook; check in ‘REVESpam’.

If the mail is available there, then click on ‘Not Spam’ and it will once again be visible in your inbox.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a technique used by hackers to obtain information (such as usernames, passwords, and financial data) from an internet user’s PC. It usually contains malicious web links or attachments. Clicking on the malicious link or opening an attachment can infect your computer with malicious software harming your PC or leaking out your personal information.

How can I be protected from Phishing Scams?

You can become a victim of phishing if you click on a malicious web link or download or open attachments received via untrusted emails. Hence, it is best to avoid links and attachments in email from unknown senders. Review web links in email (without clicking on them) to ensure they point to a website you trust. If an email appears to be suspicious in nature (even from someone you know) exercise caution.

I received an email message (although it was not sent to the email address that I use on my banking site) that requests banking information. Is that a Phishing Scam?

Any email message that requests banking information is probably a phishing scam. Most legitimate banks will not request this information by email.

If you receive a message on an email address that is not the one you use to log in to your bank account, then definitely it is a Phishing Scam.

Does REVE Antivirus have a feature to protect me against phishing?

Yes, REVE Internet Security and higher version can help protect users from receiving phishing emails through its Anti-Phishing feature.

How to enable/disable phishing feature in REVE Antivirus?

  • Go to REVE Antivirus UI
  • Click on ‘settings’
  • Select ‘web/email’
  • Now turn on or off ‘Anti-Phishing’ option from web tab and click on ‘Apply’.

FAQ for Total Security

File Shredder

What is File Shredder tool?

File Shredder tool is an advanced feature of REVE Antivirus, which allows user to delete complete data from his or her PC securely, without any possibility of restoration by any unauthorized person.

In some cases (for example, when you want to sell your computer) you may need to permanently delete your personal data which is stored on your computer. Deleting data with the standard tools (i.e. sending them to the Recycle Bin and then emptying the Recycle Bin) cannot ensure safety. Files may be restored using any high-performance software tools such as Recuva software. Formatting data storage media (such as hard disk drives, flash cards, or USB cards) cannot guarantee total data deletion either. This situation can be prevented by File Shredder tool of REVE Antivirus.

How to shred a file/folder?

Advanced -> File Shredder -> Browse -> Select file/folder -> Shred.

1. Open REVE Antivirus.

2. Click on the “Advanced” option.

3. Then select the “File Shredder” button.

4. Then click on ‘Browse’ button, select the desired file.

5. Now, click on ‘Shred’ button.

Duplicate File Finder

I’m updating to Windows 10. Will ‘Duplicate File Finder’ feature continue to work?

Yes, the Duplicate File Finder feature available in Total Security Antivirus will also run on Windows 10.

What is the best way to scan my computer for duplicate files?

With REVE Total Security Antivirus, you can now find and delete duplicate files with just a few clicks.

1. Open ‘Duplicate Finder’ and select folders that you want to scan.

2. Click on the ‘Start Scan’ button to start the scan.

3. Once the scan is finished, select the duplicate file that you want to delete

4. Now click on delete button

I think I have a lot of duplicate files on my PC. Is Total Security Duplicate File Finder the right program to deal with?

If you want to remove exact duplicates, then Duplicate File Finder is for you. With the help of this program you will be able to manage duplicate files, folders, documents and much more. It has different scan method that guarantees accurate results and makes the search quick and easy.

PC Tune up

How do I avail a free trial of Total Security?

Download the trial version of Total Security from Open the application from desktop or Start menu. Click on ‘Advanced’ on the home page. Now, you can use any of the features as a free trial.

I have taken a free trial of Total Security and I would like to purchase a full version. How can I do this?

To purchase REVE Total Security through your application, simply open Total Security application and click on ‘Help’ tab on the home page and select ‘About’. Now, click on the ‘Renew’ button. This will take you to our website where you can purchase a license key. Once the purchase is approved, you will receive a license key. Open Total Security application. Click on ‘Help’ tab and select ‘About’. Now, click on ‘Update License’ button and enter the correct license key and click ‘Apply’.

Disk Cleaner and Defragmenter

How do I stop cleaner from automatically running when I start my computer?

Advanced –> Auto Scan button to off/on

Click on ‘Advanced’ button on REVE UI. Now, click on ‘Auto scan’ and select ‘on/off’ button as per your choice.

What is the role of Defragmenter feature?

The Defragmenter feature in REVE Antivirus Total Security rearranges the data on your drive or volume and reunites fragmented data, so that your computer runs more efficiently. Defragmentation reduces the number of fragments, and clubs all the fragments into one contiguous chunk to improve system performance.

I performed Auto scan using advanced features bundled with REVE Antivirus Total Security and there seems to be some change in system behaviour. Is it possible to restore the items deleted by Auto Clean-up?

Advanced –> System Cleaner –> Registry Restore –> select Items –> click Restore

Click on the ‘Advanced’ button in REVE Antivirus UI. Now, select ‘System Cleaner’ and select ‘Registry Restore’. Now select the items that you want to scan and click on the ‘Restore’ button.

FAQ for Windows Server Security

Antivirus for Windows Server Security

How to download and Install Antivirus for Windows Server?

Go to Under ‘Products’ category, choose ‘Windows Server Security’. Now, click on ‘Free trial’ or ‘Buy Now’.

How to update REVE Windows Server Security?

Open REVE Antivirus UI on your PC. On the home page, click on ‘Update’. Now choose the desired option.

Do I need to register for Windows Server Security?


How to purchase REVE Windows Server Security?

Go to  

Under ‘Products’ category, choose ‘Windows Server Security’. Then click on ‘Free trial’ or ‘Buy now’ to purchase.

Is Windows Server Security available for free?

Yes, trial is available for 30 days.

Is there any product key required for Windows Server Security?

Yes, the product key will be sent to your registered email address, if you have purchased online. If purchased from a retailer, product key can be found in the antivirus box.

FAQ for Endpoint Security Solutions

Antivirus for Endpoint Security Solutions

How do I perform quick scan or full time scan for Endpoint protection?

From Clients end

Open REVE Antivirus, click on ‘Scan’. Then select ‘Full or quick scan’.


From EPS Server end

Open REVE Antivirus Server, click on Client. Then, Select the ‘Client’ and under client task, click on ‘Scan’.

How to update REVE Endpoint security?

REVE EPS gets automatically updated on a regular basis.


From Clients end

Open REVE Antivirus, click on ‘Update’. Now choose the desired option, ‘Virus Signature/Product Update’.


From EPS Server

Open REVE Antivirus Server, click on ‘Client’. Choose the client and under client task, click on ‘Update’.

Do I need to register for Endpoint security solutions?


Why should I get Endpoint protection?

Endpoint protection is required to safeguard your enterprise from the malicious e-threats and other bugs.

FAQ for Antivirus for Mac

Antivirus for Mac

What are the system requirements for REVE Antivirus for Mac? - Mac OS X 64-bit: Yosemite (10.10 or later)

– 2 GB recommended available memory

– 5 GB of available hard drive space for REVE Antivirus Mac installation

– Internet connection is required to receive REVE Antivirus Mac updates

How do I download and install REVE Antivirus for Mac?


Go to ‘Products’ category and choose ‘Antivirus for Mac’. Now, click on ‘Free trial’ or ‘Buy now’ to purchase.

How to apply password protection in Antivirus for Mac on Settings?

Open UI of REVE Antivirus, click on ‘Settings’.

Now, click on ‘Manage password’ and click on ‘Create password’

Do I need to register for Antivirus for Mac license?


Is REVE Antivirus for Mac available for free?

Yes, free trial is available for 90 days.

How to renew REVE Antivirus license?

Open REVE Antivirus UI. Go to ‘Help’ option and click on ‘About’. Now, click on ‘Renew’, enter the ‘Renewal code’ and click on ‘Next’.

How to purchase REVE Antivirus for Mac?


Go to ‘Products’ category and choose ‘Antivirus for Mac’. Now, click on ‘Free trial’ or ‘Buy now’ to purchase.

Can I install REVE Antivirus on another Mac computer?

If you have purchased multiple user license, then u can use Mac license on multiple PC’s. If not, then you can run only on a single PC.

FAQ for Antivirus for Linux

Antivirus for Linux

What are the system requirements for Antivirus for Linux?

– OpenSUSE 12.2 and above, Ubuntu 12.1 and above, BOSS 5.0 and above.

– 2 GB recommended available memory

– 5 GB of available hard drive space for REVE Antivirus Linux installation

– Internet connection is required to receive REVE Antivirus Linux updates

How do I download and install REVE Antivirus for Linux?

To download

Visit ‘

Go to ‘Products’ category and choose ‘Antivirus for Linux’. Now, click on ‘Free trial’ or ‘Buy now’ to purchase.


For Installation

Go to ‘Setup’ and run the ‘Installer’ file. Accept ‘the user agreement’ and then proceed further.

How do I update for REVE Antivirus for Linux?

Click on REVE Antivirus Icon on your PC and click on ‘Update’. Now, choose the desired update either ‘Virus signature’ or ‘Product update’.

How to renew REVE Antivirus license?

Open REVE Antivirus UI. Go to ‘Help’ option and click on ‘About’. Now click on ‘Renew’, enter the ‘Renewal code’ and click on ‘Next’.

How to insert a license key for REVE Antivirus for Linux?

After the installation process, fill in the requested details. Click on ‘Next’ and choose ‘I have a product key’ option.

How do I keep Antivirus for Linux updated?

REVE Antivirus automatically updates on a regular basis (24 Hours). If the user wants to change the update frequency, then he/she has to open REVE Antivirus UI and click on ‘Settings’. Then change the update frequency and click on ‘Apply’.

Do I need to register for antivirus for Linux?


How to purchase REVE Antivirus for Linux?

Visit ‘

Go to ‘Products’ category and choose ‘Antivirus for Linux’. Then click on ‘Free trial’ or ‘Buy now’ to purchase.

Is REVE Antivirus for Linux available for free?

Yes, free trial is available for 30 days.

How to perform Full scan in Linux?

Open REVE Antivirus UI on your PC. On the home page, click on ‘Scan’, then select ‘Full scan’.

How to perform Quick Scan in Linux?

Open REVE Antivirus UI on your PC. On the home page, click on ‘Scan’, then select ‘Quick Scan’.

How to apply password protection on Settings?

Open REVE Antivirus, click on ‘Settings’. Click on ‘Manage password’. Then choose ‘Create password’ .

FAQ for Mobile Security

REVE Mobile Security

What are the things required to use REVE Antivirus software in an Android phone?

In order to use REVE mobile security, your mobile phone should support Android 4.0 and higher.

Which platform does REVE Mobile Antivirus support?

REVE Antivirus supports only Android phones.

Do I need to renew my license key to run REVE Antivirus on my android mobile?

REVE Antivirus Mobile Security is absolutely free that does not require any license key to be installed on your Android mobile. Simply register and fill in your login details and monitor the online activities of your kid.

How can I remove an application that contains malicious content using the REVE Antivirus software?

In order to remove a malicious application, run “Scan Now” on your mobile device homepage. REVE Mobile Security scans applications installed on your device for all possible virus infections. If any threat is found, take an appropriate action such as skip or uninstall the application.

How do I manually scan my Android Mobile for a virus?

You can either run quick scan or custom scan to scan your device for any threats. Follow these steps to scan your mobile device:

  • Open REVE Mobile Security.
  • click on ‘Scanner’.
  • Tap either phone scan, SD card scan, Apps scan or custom scan.

Why should I always keep an Anti theft enabled on my Android mobile?

The Anti theft feature of REVE mobile security protects the data in your mobile when it is lost or stolen. It helps you to lock the device, so that your valuable data cannot be accessed by any unidentified user. You can even wipe out all the data on your phone when it is stolen. This is possible by sending a pre-defined message from the trusted number which is saved on your mobile.

"I use multiple PC. I want to control them from a single platform. Is it possible using REVE Mobile Security?"

If you own multiple PC and want to ensure adequate security on all of them, you can make use of REVE Mobile Security Antivirus.

To avail this facility:

I have installed REVE Antivirus on my Android Mobile. How can I ensure that no unauthorised user uninstalls it?

If you have installed REVE Antivirus in your mobile and have enabled the Anti-Theft feature, you first have to register antivirus “device admin”. If the antivirus is registered as the device admin then the uninstallation of the application is not possible, as the uninstall button in application manager in mobile settings is disabled.

How to uninstall REVE Mobile Security?

For uninstalling REVE Antivirus, deregister “Reve Antivirus” from device admin. This can be done from settings->security->device administrator. Once the uninstall button in the application manager of mobile is enabled, then REVE antivirus can be uninstalled.

I use various apps such as gaming apps, social networking apps and mobile apps on my mobile device. I know some of these apps collect private information such as my user credentials, contacts, social security number and passwords even without notifying me. But I don’t know which apps collect such information. Is there a way through which I can detect such apps?

REVE Mobile security helps you to detect which apps are collecting your personal information. It also notifies you about apps that send SMS, call premium numbers or access the internet without your knowledge. The apps that you feel are not safe and can harm your privacy can be uninstalled in the following ways:

  • Open REVE Mobile security.
  • Click on ‘Privacy Advisor’.
  • All installed applications will be visible.
  • Permission of all the applications will be visible through which you can get to know what all data is being accessed.

How can I get customer support?

On your device, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open REVE Mobile Security for Android.
  • Tap the main menu.
  • Tab Online Help, FAQ or Contact Us from the available option.

What are the various malicious threats that can affect your Android Mobile device?

There are two types of malicious threats that affect Android Mobile devices:

Worm: This kind of virus is transmitted mostly via SMS or MMS.

Trojans: This is a kind of virus that appears like an application which can cause considerable harm to the device.

How to remove an application installed on my Android device which contains malicious threats?

To remove an application that contains malicious content run the REVE ‘Quick Scan’ or ‘Custom Scan’ on your Android Mobile. You may also set up a time for the virus scan as per your convenience. REVE Total Security for Android scans applications installed on your device for all possible virus infections. If any threat is found, take an appropriate action such as uninstall the program.

How do I know REVE Antivirus Mobile Security will really protect my mobile against viruses and other malware?

REVE Antivirus is known for its leading virus and malware detection rates. It scans your device faster with its turbo scan technology and helps you to fight against malware, viruses, Trojans, etc.

How Can I install and activate REVE Antivirus on my Android Mobile?

  • Download the installer file directly from play store. On clicking, a screen appears requesting for your consent to proceed with the installation.
  • Tab install.
  • Once REVE Mobile Security has been installed on your mobile, tab done to finish the installation process.
  • To open the application, click on the REVE Mobile Antivirus app icon.

Finally, select I agree option and your Antivirus is ready to run.

Does REVE Mobile Security Antivirus detect viruses on my memory card?

Yes, REVE Mobile Security scans your memory card and makes you aware of the various threats that are detected in your phone through the SD Card scan.

Which parts of my Android phone does REVE Mobile Security scan?

REVE Mobile Security scans the file system on your phone. This includes installed apps and the compressed files.

How can I see when was REVE Mobile Security Antivirus last updated?

To see when the REVE Mobile Security Antivirus was last updated:

  • Tap on the REVE Mobile Antivirus icon.
  • Click on ‘Reports’.
  • Then click on ‘Mobile Reports’.
  • This will tell you in detail when and what type of scan was done on your phone.

You’ll see all the events related to REVE Mobile Security protection. Events such as your last scan, last update and any virus detections all are shown here.

How much space is required on my Android phone for installing REVE Mobile Security software?

You need to have approximately 15 MB of free space in your mobile in order to install the REVE Mobile Security software.