What is a Malware?

It is termed as any malicious software which is designed to transmit sensitive credentials for third party’s benefit without the user's consent. It infects computers and can cause you tremendous loss by making your PC go nonfunctional. If you detect any malware on your PC, you should immediately download an anti malware. types of malware

What are the Different Types of Malware?

Although millions of malicious software appear every year, these are broadly categorized under some common bunch. There are different types of Malware such as Virus, Trojan Horse, Worms, Scareware, Rootkit, and Spyware.

Computer Virus

A computer virus is a common cyber threat that replicates itself and starts spreading by deleting and damaging of files and folders. Virus automatically gets downloaded into a device while downloading any free or pirated software.

Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse virus is a type of malicious software disguised as a legitimate software so that it remains undetected. When enters a device, Trojan Horse Virus slows down your PC’s working or makes it inoperable.


Worms are malicious programs that make copies of itself on a local device, network shares and so on. It can enter a device via email attachment.


A malicious software that tricks a user to buy or download unwanted software. Be caution! Downloading unnecessary software can be dangerous to your device.


Adware is malicious software that displays advertising banners while running a program. While browsing a certain website, it gets automatically installed on a device. Many companies use it as a tool for marketing purposes.


Spyware is a program which gets installed on a device without user’s consent. Monitoring activities of a user on the internet and transmitting the sensitive information to the third party is its task.

How It enters a PC?

Malware enters a PC through several ways such as spam emails, infected removable drives, bundled with other software, and compromised web pages. So if you are downloading a software from any untrusted sites, it may carry the risk of an infected software to find its way to your PC.

What does It Affect a PC?

Once malware gets into a device, it performs unwanted tasks such as:
  • Reduce the speed of the PC
  • Close opened tabs in a web browser
  • Block websites
  • Display unnecessary Pop-Ups in the window

How to remove a Malware?

In order to remove a malware, you should have a cleaner installed on your PC. An antivirus with advanced malware cleaner feature will help you scan and detect hidden infected programs on your computer.  Go for a premium version of antivirus rather than a free version if you want complete protection for your PC. Premium versions of antivirus come with feature-rich malware scanner or anti-malware for PC for faster detection.

Download Anti malware for PC

Download anti malware software REVE Antivirus, which has excellent virus detection capability. Powered by turbo-scan technology, REVE Antivirus can detect any kind of hidden malware on your PC and remove the same immediately.

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