Feb, 2019

business from phishing attacks

Phishing- a technique used by cyber crooks to trick web users to steal their confidential data, passwords, information etc by sending fraudulent attachments or suspicious link via email or a kind of message. As cyber criminals get more sophisticated in their attempts, it’s important for all companies to make cyber security a top priority. Phishing attacks are nothing new, and they are showing no signs of slowing down in any time soon.

An important question that pops out here… How can businesses prevent phishing attacks? Well, don’t worry; we have prepared a list of top 5 security tactics to help safeguard your business from phishing attacks.

Educate Your Employees About Phishing

Education is one of the best forms of protection when it comes circumventing clever phishing attacks. Therefore, invest in regular training programs to educate your employees on how to identify phishing scams. Also, check to make sure they fully understand their cyber security responsibilities and report suspicious links or attachments whenever they receive them. Keep in mind that employees who have been regularly trained on how to detect and avoid malicious phishing emails are far less likely to fall victim for them.

Double Check The Source Of Incoming Emails

This is an important one! Many of phishing emails are quite obvious and, legitimate institutions, especially your bank will never ask for your company’s online account password or banking information on mail. Use common sense and never reply to emails asking such suspicious questions. If you have any doubt, open a new browser and check the URL into the address bar or even better call your bank directly for clarification.

Use A Reliable Antivirus Software

If you don’t already have the best virus protection on the place, do it right away. It’s a very simple and essential step, but a lot of companies overlook its importance. Proven antivirus software is imperative to catch the phishing emails and other threats before they end up in your inbox. By installing antivirus protection on all organization computers and laptops, you are adding a protective layer so that your employees do not get into something suspicious. Whatever security products you choose, it’s important to make sure that you are using the protected and latest versions.

Two Factors Are Always Better Than One

Even if a hacker or attacker manages to get a hold of password of any of your employee’s  online account, add an extra layer of security by turning on two-factor authentication (2FA). Enabling two -factor authentication is the best way to add an additional protective layer to employee’s email accounts. It reduces the chance of email accounts being compromised and taken over by cyber crooks.

Encryption Is Important

Get possessive about all your business data. Sensitive data including company’s information, credit card numbers, bank routing data, and even customers or employee’s personal information are cyber criminal or hacker’s gold. The best solution to keep all this information safe and secure is encrypting the business data with password protection.

Businesses can practice the above laid top 5 security tactics to avoid phishing attacks.

This informative blog post is contributed by our guest author Mr. Tarun Taunk who is the MD & chief editor for Rajasthan’s first leading IT magazine, The “IT Voice”.

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Tarun Taunk

Mr. Tarun Taunk is the Director at Informatic Computech Pvt. Ltd. and the MD & chief editor for Rajasthan’s first IT magazine, The “IT Voice”. He has been an important personality in Rajasthan’s IT domain through his valuable contribution to both end-user readers and corporate IT houses along with serving Rajasthan’s IT Channel Partners, IT-enabled Govt. offices, IT corporate houses and IT Vendors. His interest areas lie in the field of IT-enabled infrastructure and technology breakthroughs for modern computing.
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