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The more the world is getting aware of the potential havoc cyberattacks can wreck, people are getting very serious about cybersecurity software. Everyone is trying to get an idea where to invest, what to look for in a modern endpoint security software. However, while focusing on the rather technical terms and trying to solve the conundrum, many often forgot to look at the common, basic features a cybersecurity should offer. Lets’ not do that, let’s focus on the basics before diving deep into the complicated, personalized features. 

Here are the top 10 common mistakes made while evaluating an endpoint security product

  1. Ignoring Customer Reviews

A common mistake we often make while making a decision for our enterprise is, we tend to not take into consideration the reviews of the previous users. Who else than the people who have used the product beforehand, can tell you better about the product? Check the review & ratings, go through customer feedback, try to grasp what the market is saying about the vendor and solution.

      2. Not Thoroughly Reviewing Service Provider Organization’s History

It’s not always true that more time in business always results in a better product. However, it’s proven that a seasoned organization tends to have more credibility and capability. Be sure to look for that credibility in your vendor. Experience is not something you can buy overnight, you have to gradually gather it. A stable, successful product will have that more often than not. A credible vendor or service provider will almost always provide top class customer experience and could understand the thin line between customer service and hospitality.  

      3. Not Checking Quality Support Ability & Promptness Beforehand

Usually, the seller – buyer relationship is maintained till the sale is made for the most types of products. Typical products do not require prolonged support after a sale is made. However, unlike other sectors, in the world of cybersecurity solutions, the customer-vendor relationship begins once the sale is done! After sales service and support is an essential part here. Is the cybersecurity solution able to provide prompt support? How is their support structure? Will that fulfill your requirements? Make sure you check on that before taking any decision.

      4. Not Considering Ease Of Updates And Rollouts

The cyber world is changing rapidly. To cope up with the trend and ever-evolving cyber threats, an admin needs to keep all the machines updated to the latest security patch on a regular basis. Make sure to consider the ease of rolling out new updates and initiatives in the solution you are choosing. Especially if the solution has remote deployment and update features.

      5. Not Considering Ease Of Integration

An endpoint is any connected device to the network. That includes mobile devices, desktops, laptops, servers, and IoT devices. The solution you are choosing, can it be integrated to all of them? Compromising only a single endpoint is often enough for a full scale attack. So, you need to keep secure all the endpoints and that brings out the importance of the ease of integration.

      6. Forgetting About Own Specific Requirements

The power of a smart sales pitch is, it can often baffle you with the shiny features and make you forget what you’re looking for in a new solution in the first place. Don’t be perplexed, choose a solution that addresses all of your initial requirements.

      7. Failing To Properly Judge Organizations’ Current Situation

  • Approaching blindly and failing to consider the number of users and the number of endpoints needed to protect.
  • Failing to set a realistic budget. Most expensive solution doesn’t necessarily mean the best solution. The one that suits best with your requirements, does.
  • Failing to pinpoint the biggest cybersecurity risks. Whereas Data Loss might be the biggest security threat for Government or healthcare sector, for other industries, DOS attack or Malware, Ransomware attack might be the most problematic. Precautions should be taken likewise.

      8. Not Aware Of Various Product Types

Firstly, there is the endpoint protection platform (EPP), a reactive solution and Endpoint detection and response (EDR), a proactive solution. There are other solutions like Endpoint Cloud (EPC) and Endpoint Security (EPS). Before taking any decision, the awareness of various product types should be there.

      9. Misconception That Small Organizations Would Not Attract Hackers

In reality, cybercriminals assume that SMBs have small budgets and less robust cybersecurity, which makes smaller businesses easier targets for cyberattacks. So, if you are an owner of a small business, do not make the mistake of running your business without proper cybersecurity protection.

      10. Sticking To Only One Option

There are plenty of options in the modern cybersecurity solutions market. Comparing enough options or vendors in the market is always a good idea.


Choosing the right cybersecurity solution for your organization can be a challenging task. Asking the right questions can point you to the proper endpoint protection solution. Follow our outline on the common mistakes made during the evaluation of cybersecurity solutions and tips to find

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