Mar, 2017

antivirus update

When was the last time you updated your security software? Well, technology is always exciting to use, but in terms of security, this is not always true! Most of us think that malware only attacks big corporations, banks or wealthy celebrities. However, to your surprise, individuals like you and me are also the targets of cyber hackers. Malware is unsuspectingly spreading across the internet as millions of people are browsing the web every single minute. As per Data Breach Investigation Report, in 93% of breaches, attackers takes only a minute or even few seconds to compromise systems.

Beware! Stop cyber-attacks before they endanger your data and devices because one single attack can put you at risk.

Importance of Antivirus Update

Antivirus software is mainly designed to scan all the threats on your device. It gives complete protection from cyber crooks. Making use of best security software and keeping it up-to-date on a regular basis helps your device from being snooped upon. Hence, updating a software on regular basis is one of the good ways to keep cyber crooks away. Here are few other reasons so as to why you should keep your antivirus software updated:

  • Continuous protection from latest critical threats on the web
  • Resolves general issues of a device such as slow processing
  • Access latest software features

But, What is Antivirus Actually?

Antivirus is a security guard standing right in front of the gate of your computer system and prevents malicious intruders from being entering. Providing double layer protection to your device from malicious attempts such as a virus, malware, spyware, spam and more, is its job.

Make sure to keep a check if your antivirus update is done or not. Also, check to see on your security vendor’s website for any latest security updates.

So, keep your private stuff secure with Security Antivirus!

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