Benefits for Student Ambassadors

Cyber Security Update

You will always be in touch with the world of Cyber Security - what's happening and what precaution you need to stay safe online.

Cyber Security Consultant in your Community

You will become a cyber security consultant to your friends and family. You will help your surrounding people to stay safe online.

Discount on REVE Antivirus Products

As a Brand Ambassador, you and your friends & relatives can avail attractive discount on REVE Antivirus products. You can even earn some pocket money by selling REVE Antivirus Products.


After completing certain steps of Cyber Security awareness, Product Training and some other activities, you will be certified as REVE Antivirus Student Ambassador.

Member of REVE Cyber Security Club

Here we will discuss about Cyber Security, tips to stay safe online, new technology and more exciting things. The club will help you to create new friends from different backgrounds and different universities who love to talk about technology and cyber security.

Lifetime REVE Associate

The Student Ambassadors will also become the REVE Associate and unlock many more benefits.

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