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A complete security guard to provide safety against any kind of online threats. Whether you are downloading a software or performing a financial transaction, REVE Antivirus ensures, your PC remains protected from intruders.

Antivirus Internet Security Total Security
Antivirus & Anti-Malware
Real-Time Protection
USB Scanner
Silent Mode
Live Notification
Parental Control
Anti-Spam & Anti-Phishing
Web Security
Data Backup
Anti-Ransomware Technology
Vulnerability Scan
PC Tune-up
Duplicate File Finder
File Shredder
Data Theft Protection
Safe Browsing

Price of the Product

Tk. 790

1 PC + 1 Mobile, 1 Year FREE TRIAL

Tk. 1099

1 PC + 1 Mobile, 1 Year FREE TRIAL

Tk. 1450

1 PC + 1 Mobile, 1 Year FREE TRIAL

Secure Your Online Transactions

Have you ever become a victim of internet fraud, while performing any online transaction? In this present age when millions of transactions are performed online every day, cybercrooks are always ready to intercept credit card information while customers shop online.

With REVE Antivirus, we make you completely secured while surfing, banking and shopping online, as you remain protected from malware, viruses, spyware, rootkits, and key loggers.

REVE virus protection keeps malicious intruders at bay by keeping sensitive information private & confidential. Additionally, this web security software also prevents malpractices like identity theft while making online transactions.

Guaranteed Unlimited Protection with REVE Total Security

Do you know your PC might be prone to over 100,000 known computer viruses without adequate security measures? These viruses find several ways & means to attack your PC which may be through a USB drive, email attachment or any software download.

Hence, when it comes to the protection of your valuable data, adopting this PC Security Software is the best practice to cover any kind of loopholes.

With REVE Total Security, get a complete security shield that will guard you against any kind of threats. Besides, it keeps a backup of your important data, which can be retrieved in case of a hard drive crash.

Other Exciting Features

A set of exciting features like fastest scan engine, remote management, email security, etc., which will not only give you higher security but will also provide you the value for money.

Tested as one of the fastest scan engines in the industry, REVE Antivirus can quickly scan your computer to identify any kind of hidden virus.

Constantly monitoring your online activities, REVE Antivirus intercepts and blocks malicious websites preventing various scams or phishing attempts.

In the present cyber age, email is one element, which you can’t do away with. REVE Email Security provides extensive protection by scanning all email attachments to quarantine any threat.

Enhance your PC performance with advanced features of REVE Antivirus, which eliminates junk files and unwanted programs.

Installation of Antivirus with same settings on multiple PC can be done via import and export features of REVE Antivirus.

The remote management feature allows you to remotely manage your antivirus license from a single PC via Parental Control Mechanism and Mobile App.

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