REVE Antivirus for Linux

REVE Antivirus for Linux is an anti-malware that protects your Linux machines from any types of Cyber-attacks. Although, considered to be a secured operating system, Linux is now increasingly targeted by hackers. REVE Antivirus for Linux constantly scans your Linux PC and removes any hidden malware.

Advanced Scan

REVE Antivirus scans files and folders without consuming too much time and system resources. Scanning can be performed using the following options:

Full Scan

Scanning entire system

Quick Scan

Scanning of critical paths

Custom Scan

Scanning particular folder or path specified by user

External Drive Scan

Scanning external drives such as USB.

Schedule Scan

Scheduling Quick/full scan according to your needs

Complete linux Scan

Data Theft protection

REVE Antivirus for Linux prevents unauthorized copying of data from your computer to USB drives. This ensures data security and reduces the risk of infection at the same time.

Complete linux Scan

Firewall Protection

With Firewall Protection, REVE Antivirus for Linux blocks external threats that try to reach your computer over the Internet or other connected networks. The antivirus for Linux enables and disables Linux Firewall.

Complete linux Scan

Duplicate File Finder

REVE Antivirus for Linux identifies duplicate files from specific path/folders and removes the same from the system.

Complete linux Scan

File Shredder

With file shredder, any types of files can be completely removed, which cannot be recovered by any tools.

Add on Features

Scan report generation in text format

Automatic signature & product updates

Password protection of settings

System Requirements:

- OpenSUSE 12.2 and above, Ubuntu 12.1 and above, BOSS 5.0 and above.

- 2 GB recommended available memory

- 5 GB of available hard drive space for REVE Antivirus Linux installation

- Internet connection is required to receive REVE Antivirus Linux updates