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REVE Antivirus for Mac

REVE Antivirus for Mac provides advanced protection from all types of malware. Our antivirus for Mac blocks spyware, viruses, Trojans, and other types of malware providing complete security to your MacBook. Although, Mac operating system is quite strong to remain protected against malware, it’s not 100% immune to virus infection, which increases the need of an anti-malware for Mac.

Complete Mac Scan

Complete Mac Scan

With REVE Antivirus, scan your Mac to detect hidden malware. Running the scan, all types of virus gets instantly detected & quarantined.

Complete Mac Scan

Removable Drive Scan

Quick scan all external drives (CD, DVD, USB, etc.) added to your Mac. Removable drives causes great risk of spreading infection. Once a USB drive is detected, the malware is instantly quarantined.

Complete Mac Scan

Custom Scan

No need to scan the entire PC, you can run custom scan for some specific files & folders that you may think can contain malware. Custom scan happens quickly unlike whole system scan.

Complete Mac Scan

Scheduled Scan

Use the schedule scan feature, if you want to perform scan on your MacBook at a later period. With this feature you can run the scan when you are not using the Mac.

System Requirements:

- Mac OS X 64-bit: Yosemite (10.10 or later)

- 2 GB recommended available memory

- 5 GB of available hard drive space for REVE Antivirus Mac installation

- Internet connection is required to receive REVE Antivirus Mac updates