Definition of Trojan Virus

It is defined as a nasty destructive program designed to provide unauthorized, remote access to user’s device. It usually disguises itself in the programs which victim believes it to be legitimate. Hence, it is difficult to detect & remove this program without an Anti-Trojan Software. Trojan Virus

What are the Types of Trojan Horse?

There are the wide variety of Trojan viruses that can perform the array of tasks. Some of them are as follows-


As the name suggests, it spreads through phishing campaigns and fooling the users into clicking on malicious links or even accessing malware on a website.

Downloader Trojan

It downloads into a device without user’s permission and installs additional pieces of malware etc.

Remote access Trojan

It provides cyber crooks with remote access to infected endpoints for malicious purpose.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack Trojan

A program which is designed to conduct a DOS attack from several computers on a pre-defined address.

How It enters a PC?

Most Trojan viruses are introduced through email attachments, Downloading software from rogue websites, infected boot disks, phishing schemes, pirated or cracked antivirus software, instant messaging services, networks etc.

What does It do?

Once Trojan enters a device, it performs unwanted tasks such as-
  • Formatting disks and destroying all the information
  • Slowing down the working of PC
  • Accessing sensitive credentials of a user
  • Keystroke logging
  • Controlling the system remotely

How to remove Trojan?

You should have Trojan remover software installed on your PC to deal with any types of Trojan virus attacks. REVE Antivirus is a reliable antivirus software, which has Trojan remover feature to remove Trojan from your PC.  Once you install the Anti-Trojan software, it necessary to scan your device frequently to remove viruses if any.

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