What is Adware?

Adware is defined as a software program that automatically downloads or displays constant advertisements in a web browser to plague a user when online. Adware often comes in a bundle with free software that you download from the internet. It can also enter your PC when you click on movie or video links available on certain websites. Adware usually displays no signs of it getting installed on your computer. You will only recognize the infection when you see a large number of pop-up ads. Adware Removal

Is Adware harmful?

Usually, adware doesn’t prove to be too much harmful compared to a computer virus. However, it can be very annoying and can direct you to websites which are malware infected. Adware gets installed itself in other programs and changes the settings of a web browser to display more ads when surfing the net. Not only this, it may slow down your internet connection by using up valuable bandwidth to retrieve advertisements. Also, adware can be used to steal all your sensitive credentials by monitoring your online activities and selling the information to the third party.

How to Get Rid of Adware?

If you want to get rid of adware you must use adware removal tool on your PC. You can use REVE Antivirus, which has adware removal feature that will help you get rid of all types of adware. You can download a trial version of REVE Antivirus.  Apart from using an anti-adware for your computer, it’s important to adopt certain measures to remain safe:
  • Avoid clicking on Ads
  • Say ‘No’ to random downloads
  • Read all the terms and conditions carefully
  • Visit only reputed websites to watch videos or movies
Don’t install random adware removal tool or ad blockers that are available on the internet as these may cause more harm to your PC. Only certified software should be used for removing Adware.

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