What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is defined as a crime that is committed using a network-connected device such as a computer or a mobile phone. Those who commit cyber-crime are known as cyber criminals or cyber crooks. With the growing digitization, internet crimes are also increasing at a faster pace.  As, this type of crime can be committed from a distant location; for an example-a foreign country, most criminals prefer this mode as the risk of getting traced and punished is limited.  Some common types of cybercrimes include phishing, hacking, cyber-bullying, identity theft, spamming to name a few. Let’s explain what exactly these terminologies mean. cybercrime

Types of Cybercrime


Phishing is a technique used to gain personal or sensitive information of a PC user, which can be his bank details or credit card information.


Cyberbullying is insulting, harassing or threatening anyone using the internet via email or messenger etc.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the process of stealing your personal information such as social security number or driver license to open a bank account or apply for credit card etc.


Hacking is defined as an activity to intrude into your system or gain unauthorized access to your accounts.

How to Prevent Cybercrime?

In order to prevent cybercrime, you should use your basic intelligence to judge what can cause you to be a victim. Although the prevention tips against cybercrime differ with respect to the category of the crime, there are some common tips to remain safe from cyber-attacks.
  • Do not download song, videos or software from untrusted websites. Often these files come with hidden malware such as ransomware or Trojan.
  • Do not click on links received on random emails as you can be directed to a phishing website.
  • Never download attachments from emails that you think suspicious. Cybercrooks sends emails with a subject line such as ‘work from home and earn money’, ‘pending invoice’, ‘looking for friendship’ etc.
  • Do not share your login details such as username or password with anyone even if he or she is your close friend.
  • Use a strong password which can be a combination of alpha-numeric characters.

How to Stop Cybercrime?

Stopping cybercrime is the responsibility of the government or the bodies dedicated to the same but you can take some steps to stop cybercrime affecting you. The best way is to follow the cyber safety tips mentioned above.  Reporting an internet crime to the dedicated authorities of the country is also important to put a check on these types of crime. Often, people become a victim of cyber-attacks due to their ignorance or negligence thereby causing immense harm to themselves or their organizations. Use an anti-malware on your PC & mobile to remain protected from virus attacks.  It’s very difficult to detect hidden virus or rootkit in your PC, which can be done only using an antivirus software. REVE Antivirus has strong virus detection features that protect your PC from threats like Trojan, Worms, Ransomware to name a few.

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