Bug Bounty Program

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Calling Bug hunters to find vulnerabilities and win exciting Rewards

Bug Bounty Program

The REVE Antivirus bug bounty program has been framed to reward security researchers for finding flaws in our software or product. So if you are a security researcher or a bug hunter, REVE Antivirus provides you an opportunity to show your skills identifying security vulnerabilities in our products and win rewards.

How can you report a bug and become eligible for the bounty?

You can report a bug on bugs@reveantivirus.com. We suggest you encrypt your email to prevent any kind of misuse.

Once we receive your submission, you will receive an email from our team member acknowledging the receipt of your email. Our team will then analyze your report, which can take from 15 days to 60 days depending upon our workload and other factors. If you do not hear from us, you can send a follow-up email to bugs@reveantivirus.com.

General Guidelines

   The reports should be submitted in English

   The bug report should contain sufficient information about the bug such as your exact environment, sample code (if applicable) etc.

   To become eligible for the bounty, the reported bug must be previously unreported.

   The program applies to entire range of REVE Antivirus products

   You should not leak the bug publically otherwise the bounty may be effected.

   Bugs reported only for REVE Antivirus products or domains www.reveantivirus.com and www.revesecure.com would be accepted.

About the Bounty

  • Regarding the bounty, we decide it based on the complexity & quality of the bug reported. Bounty will be released only when we acknowledge your email, fix the bug and release an updated version of our software.

  • In situations, where more than one researchers report the same bug, the bounty will be given to the person who has reported the bug first. The decision regarding the bounty taken by REVE Antivirus is considered to be final and cannot be challenged. 

    Do you have a virus sample to upload? If yes, please send it to bugs@reveantivirus.com

* The rules mentioned above can be changed at any point of time depending upon our company’s policy.