Jul, 2019

cyber security attacksNo doubt, the internet is very beneficial for almost everyone in all aspects. Unfortunately, access to a vast amount of information has enabled an increase in the number of cyber crime activities. Today, cyber attackers not only stalk the large corporations, on the contrary, but startups or smaller organizations are also easy targets. Without tight cyber security, you are leaving your business open to cyber-attacks, and vulnerable to data theft.  From business organizations large to small,  it is one of the major concerns not only for the business itself but also their customers and employees.

So, that means that it’s crucially important to take appropriate steps to better your business’s cyber-security. But how do you do that? Below listed are a few helpful tips.

Train Your Employees

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the cyber security of your business is to properly train and educate your staff members. Everyone in your organization should have a good knowledge of your company’s security policies and understand why it’s so important. Therefore, you should invest in cyber-security training for your staff members. Hold each employee of your company accountable to the organization’s cyber security policies and procedures. Get a continuity plan! Doing this is important because most security breaches or ransomware attacks occur because an employee accidentally clicked on link or attachment that allowed a hacker access to your company’s network.

Use Best Antivirus Protection

You cannot overstate the value and importance of antivirus for business cyber security. Professional grade antivirus protection is a must to keep your sensitive business data (that often includes personal details about clients, customers, and employees) out of the wrong hands. Check if all systems or machines used by your employees have the latest versions of security software and OS. In case not upgraded to the latest versions, do it now.

Lock Down Your Wi-fi Network

Wi-Fi is one of the most important necessities that every business organization needs to survive in this competitive industry. However, unsecured wifi connection can become a weak point when it comes to the cyber security of an organization. So, if you have a Wi-Fi network, check to make sure it’s hidden. If you have customers, clients and others visiting your place, for an added layer of protection set up a separate guest network for them.

Implement A Smart Mobile Device Policy

Majority of employees also use work email on their personal mobile devices. Well, this creates security challenges and open the door to various cyber dangers especially if the devices hold sensitive data or can access business network off the premises.  The cyber criminals won’t sit back- they always have eyes on top of the user’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Simple things can reduce the risk of cyber dangers, such as introducing and implementing strong mobile device policy and making sure that all the devices are protected.

Backup Your Data

If you haven’t already, it’s time to think about regular data backups to add some extra layer of  cyber security in your organization. With a restorable backup system in place, if security threats such as malware, viruses etc lurk on your devices, you will still have your data. In several cases, backup documents are files are stored offsite, in case of cyber security attacks or natural disaster. So, check to make sure that your valuable data is backed up and stored in a separate location.

So, is your business prepared to manage a cyber attack? Do you need to improve your organization’s cyber security?  Share your valuable thoughts with us in the comment section!

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Smriti Singh
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